5 Benefits Of Mango Seeds For Skin, Hair And Health

Mango Seeds For Skin, Hair And Health

The moment anybody around us says ‘mangoes’, there is a mayhem in our salivary glands. Our mind wanders off to the magical islands of Mango groves, Mango Shakes, Mango ice creams… and we immediately start craving for some. Don’t we? Apparently, there’s a reason why this miracle fruit is called ‘King of Fruits’ and its not just the heavenly taste of its juicy pulp, but rather the poor little chap we never even look at twice. Yes, the Mango seed!

Mango seeds are loaded with immensely beneficial nutrients.They can be used in a variety of ways. Once these seeds are completely dry, they are crushed, ground and powdered for. Here are some of the best benefits and uses of mango seeds which will improve the quality of your skin, hair and overall health.

5 Benefits Of Mango Seeds For Skin, Hair And Health

Mango Seeds Help Tremendously To Improve Hair Health

What if somebody sneaks up to us, and whispers that they can take away all our hair problems without any expensive hair products or saloon treatment with just a wand-shake? You are definitely going to make a face, mark them lunatic and move on. But mango seed butter can do just that for you. When evenly applied on the scalp and the hair, it can treat your dandruff, hair-loss, greying and alopecia problem. It also adds strength and luster to the hair.

Hair Growth

They Can Help To Improve Skin Quality

The oil extracted from Mango seeds has excellent moisturizing properties and is used an agent to keep the skin hydrated. Unlike the synthetic beauty lotions that are oily and greasy, the butter from Mango seeds is organic and the non-oily and non-greasy nature of the butter gives you that wonderful light feeling.

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They Can Protect Against Acne

The scrub concocted from mango seeds helps in removing acne. Mango seeds, after being dried, are crushed to a fine powdered form. This powder is then mixed with fresh tomato juice. This paste is then applied on face and then left on for a few minutes and rubbed gently and washed off with water. This scrub unclogs the pores, exfoliates your skin and also cures blackheads, acne, blemishes and breakouts. It also prevents the redness of your skin. This is a mild scrub, hence can be used daily. Its regular can work wonders on your skin for a very long term.

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Mango Seeds Help To Fight Diabetes

There is one more benefit of mango seeds that make it very healthy; mango seeds lower the risk of diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels. Therefore they also help to reduce body fat, which is a very important step to weight loss.

Type 1 Diabetes

Mango Seeds Facilitate Weight-loss

Cherry on top of this magical journey, mango seeds offer the benefit of facilitating weight loss! Mango seeds have been found to help people in losing weight, improve blood circulation and help in flushing out toxins from the body. Just have approx 2 grams of mango seeds extract mixed in a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon juice every morning, and you are on your way to that magic body you have dreamt for in years!

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