5 Amazing Natural Cures For Pyorrhoea

PyorrhoeaPyorrhoea is one of the wide spread ailments of the gums. It affects the membrane that is surrounding the teeth and ultimately affect the gums and teeth. It could be due to a bacterial infection and sometimes even bleeding might take place along with pus formation in the gums. The common symptoms for pyorrhoea include bleeding gums, swollen gums, pain during chewing, recessed gums or bad breath.

The causes of pyorrhoea are mainly infections caused by bacteria or viruses. Apart from that, unhealthy brushing habits, using the tooth pick the wrong way, a sudden trauma to the teeth or gums and stagnation of any food particles can lead to infections like pyorrhoea. Natural remedies are very helpful in controlling the symptoms as well as the disease. Here are some natural cures to treat pyorrhoea:

Various Ways To Cure Pyorrhoea


It may taste really bad but it is very effective against many bacteria. You could just chew on some onion or onion seeds for a while.


You can even keep a piece of onion below your teeth and let it stay there until saliva starts dripping out of your mouth. Wash your mouth thoroughly and then take a fresh piece of onion and you can continue the remedy twice in a day.

Pomegranate And Alum

Make a mixture of 500gms of rind pomegranate, black pepper, alum and some salt and grind all the above into fine powder like consistency. It is advised that you clean your teeth with this mixture at least twice a day. If you can’t do it twice, make sure you use it thoroughly at least once in a day.

Avoid using a tooth brush for a few days to clean your teeth. The tooth brush may be harsh on your gums and cause excessive bleeding. This mixture will help keep your teeth clean as well as avoid any accumulation of food particles.

Home Remedies For Pyorrhoea
Herbal Remedies For Pyorrhoea


Carrots Juice

Make a mixture of carrot and spinach juice. Mix these two together in equal quantities. To effectively treat gum diseases like pyorrhoea you must have this juice every day. You can even add some sugar to it so that it tastes better but only juice could also be very beneficial.

Mustard Oil Massage

In order to stop the bleeding and regain the lost strength of your gums again, it is recommended that you use mustard oil on a daily basis. Heat some mustard oil and massage your teeth and gums with it in slow circular motions.

Mustard Oil

You can try this remedy any number of times in a day. When you massage, make sure you don’t drink the oil because it will be infected with the bacteria in your mouth. After massaging, make sure you use a good mouth wash and gargle.


Guava Juice

Guava juice is an excellent tonic to build up gum strength again. You could also get a few guava leaves and chew them to stop the bleeding gums. Makes sure you gargle well after chewing the leaves so that all the bacteria will be washed out of your mouth.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.