5 Amazing Medicine Ball Exercises For Toned Abdomen

Amazing Medicine Ball Exercises For Toned Abdomen

Trying to get those perfectly toned abs? Look no further. Start some medicine ball exercises for perfectly toned abdomens. These exercises can be used for a perfect combination of cardio and resistance moves which eventually help to shape up your body. It can be easily practiced from the comfort of your homes and if you try these amazing exercises regularly, results would surely come by. However, do not force your body into an exercise and slowly push the momentum higher. Begin with easier sets and slowly work up to difficult levels.

Let’s Now Find Out 5 Amazing Medicine Ball Exercises For Toned Abdomen.

1. Lunges With Twist

If you do the lunges with twist, it will shape your abs and thighs. To begin the exercise, stand straight and keep your legs slightly apart. As you lift the ball towards your chest, make sure that the elbow is bent and points towards the sides. Bring out your right leg and take a step forward while lunging ahead. Holding on to the ball in the lunge position, keeping the front thigh parallel to the floor, twist your waist towards the right. Return to the previous position and repeat it 10 times. If you practice 3 such sets in a day, it can perfectly shape your abs.

Lunges With Twist

2. Planks

Medicine ball planks are extremely powerful, fat burning exercises. If you are looking to shed extra kilos and shape up your abs, this the perfect exercise. Hold a medicine ball with both hands, keeping the elbows locked and the arms straight. Slowly bring yourself down. Push your feet back until the body forms a line between the head and heels. Remain in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat it 5 times.


3. Medicine Ball Swing

The medicine ball swing is perfect for beginners. To do this, hold the ball with both hands and squat down, keeping the elbows locked. Feel the body weight on your legs and then bring the medicine ball upwards in a fast stroke while straightening your legs. Repeat it 10 times to complete one set. Two sets are perfect for shaping your abs.

Medicine Ball Swing

4. Figure 8s

A great exercise for wonderful abs, Figure 8s is also known to work your core muscles, arms, shoulders and thighs. This medicine ball exercise derives its name from the pattern it follows while lunging from one side to the other. Take a medicine ball and bend your knees. Pushing your heels, jerk the ball upwards very fast with your hands. Now you have to bend your knees and bring it back towards the left knee. Get back to the original position by swinging back. For every set, you need to carry out the moves 10 to 12 times. Complete three such sets for best results.

Figure 8s

5. Wiper Twists

Wiper twists is a fantastic way to tone your abs. It not only works on the area around the waist and abdomen, it is a perfect workout for the lower abs, legs as well as shoulders. To do this exercise, hold a medicine ball with both hands with the palms facing each other. Choose a flat surface to lie down. Stretch your legs completely and then fold at the knees, keeping your toes gently pointed. Slowly lift your head and shoulders and take the ball towards the left while keeping your legs to the right. Hold for a moment and bring the ball to the right side, keeping your legs to the left. Repeat the entire set 10 to 12 times to complete the wiper twists.

Wiper Twists

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