5 Amazing Home Remedies For Swelling

Swelling is very common in pregnant women. Women are more prone to swelling than men. Swelling can occur due to pregnancy, due to consuming of opposite foods, due to diseases like high blood pressure, due to changes in hormones, due to pressure on ligaments of ankles, due to injuries or misstep anything can be become a cause for swelling. The person suffering from swelling should consult their family physician to get better treatment. Legs and ankles get swelling, sometimes swelling spreads up to the knees.


Swelling that occurs due to injuries, and blood clot can be cured easily by just massaging with pain killer oil. There are many methods to cure the swelling completely using simple kitchen materials. Below are the essential home remedies for swelling.

Home Remedies For Swelling

Drink Decoction Of Coriander And Cumin Seeds

Take one tablespoon of coriander and cumin seeds each. Now, measure 500 ml of water, bring it to boil, add cumin and coriander seeds to it, and simmer the flame immediately.

Allow the solution to boil on a low flame; wait until it is reduced to 1/4th of the original volume. Now, filter to remove seeds, add Jaggery and ginger powder for taste, and drink it hot. It is one of the best methods to reduce the swelling.

Coriander Seeds

Turmeric Paste Good

Many people are using turmeric to cure swelling, since past; and found this remedy more effective, because of its anti-inflammatory feature.

Therefore, you can try turmeric paste; take three to four grams of paste, mix it in the cup of hot or cold water and drink it in the morning. Repeat the same process before dinner and lunch, until swelling is cured. Since, turmeric generates heat in the body, you can drink buttermilk to balance the heat generated.

Turmeric Powder

Castor Oil And Camphor

If the swelling occurs due to arthritis then, use castor oil. Warm up one tablespoon of castor oil and add few drops of camphor oil, massage it thoroughly on the swollen parts.

The swelling that occurs due to the arthritis, will pain along with swelling. Thus, swelling and pain both can be controlled by this remedy. However, if swelling occurs due to injury or insect bite, you can find this remedy very useful.

Castor Oil

Ginger Helpful

Ginger is another good kitchen spice that can be successfully used to reduce swelling. Take nearly three cm long fresh ginger, smash and make it into thin slices; later, take a cup of water, boil it, and switch off the flame.

Now, add fresh ginger to the boiled water, cover it with a plate, and keep it aside for nearly one hour. Then, filter to remove the ginger pieces, and drink the water by adding little bit of Jaggery to remove swelling.


Physical Exercises

Swelling can be found on any parts of the body such as hands, legs, wrist, etc. If you have swollen legs, they should be kept a bit higher than the land level. Also, while sitting, you can sit on sofa, stretching your legs; and keep one or two pillows under your legs, while you sleep and bring down swelling.

Stretching Exercises

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.