5 Amazing Home Remedies For Split Ends

Split Ends

Split ends of hair are disgusting. Every time you try to grow your hair it ends up with split ends. You trim your hair and think that now it is going to grow. After another month you again end up with split ends. Shampoos and conditioners are not able to cure. Excessive use of these may even aggravate the problem.

But you are not alone. Several women are grappling with the problem of split ends. Medicines and cosmetics are not able to cure and frequent trimming may cure split ends, but you end up with short hair. Split end results when the protective layer of the skin gets damaged.

But this can be treated when the protective layer can be saved and that can be done naturally. There are various remedies which you can try at home. Do not need to visit a doctor, not even a beauty parlor. These are home remedies for split ends. Let us discuss some of these.

5 Home Remedies For Split Ends

Avocado And Olive Oil

Your hair is getting devoid of the protective layer and that is mainly responsible for the split. Supply it with enough nutrient and moisture and it is more likely to grow stronger. This will make it resilient to split ends. Avocado contains the most important minerals for your hair. These are zinc, potassium, phosphorus, iron and manganese.

Olive Oil

Zinc is a mechanic for your hair, and deficiency of potassium may be responsible for split ends. Potassium deficiency can also cause split ends and so is the matter with other minerals. On the other hand olive oil is great moisturize and is absorbed well by the scalp and hair. So mix some avocado with olive oil and apply on the scalp thoroughly. This much of care, if taken regularly, can help in making split ends a thing of the past. It can also make your hair shiny.

Egg Whites And Yogurt

If your hair is suffering from insufficient nutrition then egg white can be the answer to your split end problems. Egg white is rich in protein. Mixing it with some yogurt can make a potent combination capable of curing split ends. Yogurt contains lot of calcium and zinc. So beat the white of one egg in a bowl and mix it with some yogurt.


Now apply the mixture on the scalp thoroughly and wash off after an hour. Regular application will help your hair and split ends will disappear.

Banana And Honey

It has been seen that banana when combined with honey can work wonders for the split ends. Banana is an antioxidant; it is a rich source of potassium, folic acid, iron and vitamins A, B, and C. It also has anti aging characteristics. When combined with honey it acts as a good moisturizer. Honey is also good for the scalp and hair. So beat a banana and add some honey to it. Beat it again and apply the mixture on the hair and scalp thoroughly. Keep the mask for at least an hour. Now wash off with water.

Banana And Honey

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Consume Protein And Have Regular Hair Cut

Regular trimming of your hair can itself cure the problem of split ends. Even good and healthy hair can get damaged after some time. You have to trim your hair by at least half an inch every two months. But do remember to cut hair with hair shears because regular scissors can fray the ends of hair and result in more splits.

Have Regular Hair Cut

Along with this you need to make the hair grow fast. For this you should take high amounts of protein which will be converted into keratin, the compound hair is composed of. A combination of regular consumption of proteinous food and hair trimming can go a long way in preventing or reducing split ends. You can get a lot of protein in eggs, meat, fish, beans and nuts.

Vitamin C

The requirement of vitamin C for healthy hair need not be exaggerated. It means a lot for your hair. If the hair is dry and rough it may be due to lack of vitamin C. You need vitamin C to build collagen which produces new hair cells. Vitamin C also helps your body to absorb iron, another potential and essential nutrient for your hair.


Vitamin C

So, the uses of vitamin C for hair are manifold, and you need a lot of it for curing split ends and make hair grow. You can get a lot of vitamin C in citrus fruits and green and leafy vegetables.

5 Home Remedies For Split Ends

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