4 Tips On Choosing The Best Blood Group Diet


Whenever there is blood transfusion during a serious illness or surgery, the doctor does test to find the blood group of the patient. It is important for people to know their blood group. It not only helps in facing a health crisis but it also helps in determining ones nutritional requirements. It is surprising but a true fact that diet based on blood group helps a person in staying healthy free of diseases. This is a new concept that you may not know well about. We will explain the various dietary requirements of various blood groups.

Following Are The Top 4 Tips On Finding The Best Blood Type Diet For Your Blood Group

Diet For A Blood Group

If your blood group is A, you should eat vegetarian foods. Instead of taking stored and preserved foods, you should take fresh foods with high amount of purity. Eat fruits and vegetables. It will be better if you start taking organic foods. Include beans and legumes in your diet. Avoid non-vegetarian foods like red meat and chicken.

Eating Fruits And Vegetables Daily

Diet For B Blood Group

People with blood group B should eat green leafy vegetables, lentils and wheat. Choose dairy foods that contain less amount of fat. Skimmed milk is good for you. Eat eggs instead of chicken. Tomato and corn are healthy food choices for you.


Diet For AB Blood Group

If you have a mixture of A and B blood groups, it means that your blood group is AB. Such people have less amount of acid present in the stomach. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee are very harmful for you. You should eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and mustard greens. It is healthy to eat tofu, fish and other types of seafood. Avoid taking cured meats.


Diet For O Blood Group

People who have O blood group suffer from stomach problems. Include vegetables in your diet. It is beneficial to eat foods that contain protein. Vegetarian people should avoid eating beans. You should not eat dairy foods. If you are non-vegetarian, you can take poultry and fish. Choose non-veg foods with less fat. Lean meats are good for you.

Lean Meats

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