4 Natural Ways To Cure Neuropathy

Neuropathy is an abnormal condition that involves a difficulty with the nerves to transmit signals to the brain and receive the information from the spinal cord properly.


So it is generally called peripheral neuropathy. It affects the coordination and control of muscles and nerves actually gets impaired due to the damages in the peripheral nerves in the nervous system.

Natural Cure For Neuropathy

Take Healthy Food

The metabolic character of glucose has a significant role in functioning of the nerves to keep it healthy. If there is any disorder like diabetes that actually impairs the metabolic behavior of cell raises the probability of developing the peripheral neuropathy.

One should maintain to consume a healthy complete diet of vegetables, grains, fruits, and of course protein which will actually help out to maintain a perfect level of sugar in the blood. The damage produced in the nerves is almost reduced with the regular intake of those foods, which is enriching with vitamin B12.

This specific vitamin is found in fish, dairy products, egg and cereals. The unusual and uncomfortable body positions and regular movement of body also creates damages in the nerves. It may also get due to the excess use of alcohol and nicotine.

Take Healthy Food


Regular Exercise

The regular exercise of the body like walking, swimming and many more helps a lot to maintain regular circulation of the blood in the nerves and thus gives a great relief to the nerve pain and also reduces the damages in the nerves.

The other effective way to get cured of it is by subjecting the needles to the specific pressure points over the body. The nerve damage could be reduced by the regular use of evening primrose oil and in fact magnesium too.

Since Vitamin B-1, B-12, C, E and B6 contain antioxidants which reduce the amount of free radical damage and inflammation and so only it could also be preferred for the cure of neuropathy as it reduces the nerve pain to a great extent especially in older individuals. The regular exercise like walking helps to circulate new blood in lower extremes of the body.


Big No to Drinks

The sufferers should limit the amount of alcohol they consume daily. Excess consuming of drinks on a daily basis may result in severe nerve damage. It also causes nutritional deficiency. These all will finally cause neuropathy in the human body.
Big NO to Smoking

Smoking affects very badly the specific blood vessels that actually supply protein, vitamin and nutrients to the peripheral nerves, and it can lead to a neuropathy disease in the sufferer. Thus smoking should be completely avoided in order to maintain the proper circulation. This is more effective in case of the diabetics’ patients and creates problems in the foot.

No to drink

Regular Massage

One should go for the regular massages of the entire body especially your hands and feet. This would actually help to maintain circulation to those specific areas and stimulate nerves properly. This will certainly result in a temporary relief from pain. Yoga is of course a different type of self-massage, which will surely help you to decrease the pain by regulating the pressure receptors inside the brain.


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