4 Important Vitamins For Scleritis

ScleritisScleritis is inflammation of white part of eye, called Sclera. Here, it is important to differentiate between episcleritis and scleritis. While episcleritis is also inflammation of eye, it does not run that deep as scleritis does and although the symptoms are almost same, like redness, pain and sensitivity to light, scleritis can lead to vision loss, if left untreated by corticosteroid medications or otherwise.

Scleritis is caused by autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus and by injury, chemical reactions, etc. In some cases, the cause of scleritis has remained unknown, so far. With the exception of vitamin C (which has been used by doctors medically to treat Scleritis) a diet rich in eye friendly vitamins can help relieve pain and ease the symptoms.

Important Vitamins For Scleritis

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been used as a treatment method for patients suffering with scleritis by some ophthalmologists, with good results. The oral doses, given every waking hour have helped the patients to relieve the pain quickly and shorten the duration of these conditions. Vitamin C, administered orally, does not remain in body for more than few hours and hence, must be replaced every few hours.

Vitamin C

Established ophthalmologists, like Dr. Paul R Honan, administer 2000mg of vitamin C every waking hour to their patients, and they have observed that it is effective in relieving the pain and redness in some hours or overnight.

Vitamin A

Though there are no studies which establish a relation between scleritis and vitamin A directly, but it is believed that vitamin A helps in scleritis indirectly. The role of vitamin A is well known in preventing inflammation and promoting healthy eye vision. It is believed that antioxidant compounds of vitamin A keep the eyes generally strong and healthy.

Besides, vitamin A makes the cornea stronger which further protects eyes by stopping entry of various bacteria and viruses in eye. Food sources of vitamin A include whole milk, Ricotta cheese, sweet potatoes, carrots, beef, chicken liver, eggs, etc.

Vitamin B12

So far, one report published in Canadian Journal of Opthalmoloy in 1998, have underlined the relationship between vitamin B12 deficiency and Scleritis. According to this report, a person suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency was diagnosed with scleritis. Important role of vitamin B12 in our body includes formation of red blood cells and maintaining healthy central nervous system.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is not found in plant sources of foods so the vegetarians and vegans should either eat fortified cereals or take multivitamin which contains this vitamin along with other B vitamins. Vitamin B12 gets well absorbed in body when taken with other B vitamins.

Vitamin D

Doctors believe that deficiency of vitamin D can lead to various types of inflammations in body like multiple sclerosis, heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and probably scleritis.

A patient suffering from nodular scleritis, has narrated her experiences with scleritis on She has mentioned that taking vitamin D (3000 units) and calcium (1200 mg) along with medication has helped her relieve the symptoms.

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