4 Do’s and 4 Don’ts for Treating Acne

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Teenager always comes with lots of problems; one of the mostly seen problems in teens is skin problem. In this direction, acne is something that is enough to scare any teenager. Acne generally occurs on face, neck and chest. They are also categorizing into various types such as blackheads, whiteheads, cysts and pimples that occur due to extra secretion from sebaceous glands. These glands are also called as oil glands and they secret oil to make the skin oily. Combination of sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells on skin together gives rise to pimples. Below is the list of Do’s and Don’ts is given below for you to get rid of pimples.

Do’s For Removal Of Acne-

Eat Balanced Diet

The foremost important thing to avoid pimples is eating balanced diet. Try to avoid all the junk food and involve green vegetables, fresh fruits and natural food supplements. Avoid taking oily and spicy meal as well as take care not to take excessive minerals and vitamins. Excess intake of nutrients can give rise to occurrence of acne as well as other health problems.

Healthy diet

Choose Only Oil Free Cosmetics

Second important thing you should take care about is to use oil free cosmetics always. When you will go for shopping of cosmetics, you will see that there are two main types of cosmetics, water based and oil based. The all you need to that avoid shopping of oil based cosmetics and use only water based cosmetics for regular use. This will impart lesser oil to your skin.

oil free cosmetics

Use A Gel Cleanser

Like cosmetics, you should also be careful in selection of cleansers. Choose a cleanser that can not only wash away all the dust and dirt particles but also work to deep cleanse your skin. For this purpose, a gel cleanser can work well; moreover try to wash your face only with Margosa based face-wash if this suits your skin.

Gel Cleanser

Practice Sun Safety

Keeping your skin safe from sun is also an important thing you should do. Sun tanning can be avoided through proper protection. Keeping your skin protected and away from direct exposure of sun is not a tough task. You can cover your face earlier than moving out in the sun and apply sunscreen on your face to offer good protection to it. A wide brimmed hat and safety sunglass will offer you full protection from sun tanning.


Here Is All About Do’s For Acne, Now Check Out The List Of Don’ts For Acne –

Don’t Scrub The Face During Acne

Scrubbing face can increase the problem of acne, surprised? Well, many people think that scrubbing the face with deep cleanser is good idea to keep the face clean but inversely this activity can spread pimple causing bacteria in other parts of the face leading to infection. So, you should wash your face twice only with mild face wash.

face scrub

Don’t Pop Pimples

Popping up pimple is another thing people do by thinking that it can work as a quick fix against appearance of pimples. Actually, popping up pimple moves the bacteria further in the pore, that’s how acne can become permanent or even leave scar forever.

pop up pimple

Don’t Touch Your Face Again And Again

Touching your face again and again leads to infection more. The main reason to work behind this is that when you touch your face, you impart all the polluted particles of the hand to face. Those dirt particles get mixed with oil secreted by sebaceous glands. This gives rise to the generation of pimples.

skin touch

Don’t Apply Make-up Too Much

The last but really good idea to stay away from pimples is to avoid using unnecessary cosmetics on face. Moreover, you should not forget to clean the makeup every day before going to bed. This will keep the ski clean and free from favorable dust particles that can cause acne.


Hope all these simple but effective tips will help you to stay away from acne.

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