4 Amazing Use Of Coconut Oil

Use Of Coconut Oil

Are you tired with dandruff or hair fall? Are you suffering from cough and cold? Is body odor is spoiling your life? Well, the solution is only one! A small bottle of coconut oil! It is inexpensive, but very effective. You can use coconut oil as a home remedy for many problems.

Here Are 4 Amazing Use Of Coconut Oil:

Treat Minor Burns

Coconut oil is one of the best remedies to treat minor burns. If you experience minor burn, immediately apply some cold like ice. After some time, apply a liberal coating of coconut oil. Make sure you apply coconut oil after every hour. After some hours, you will find that you get relief from the pain.

Minor Burns

Treats Sun Burn

Coconut oil is also very helpful in treating sun burns. As we know that prevention is better than care, so whenever you go outside, massage your body thoroughly with the coconut oil. Coconut oil improves the tolerance level of your body when it comes to sun exposure. So, you can use coconut oil as a sunscreen in place of cosmetic products.

Treats Sun Burn

Protection from Wrinkles

Coconut oil is a very good moisturizer because of its antioxidants property. It always keeps your skin hydrated. This property of coconut oil helps in preventing wrinkles and fine lines of aging. Regular body massage with coconut oil makes the skin look younger.

Reduces Wrinkles

Offers Instant Relief from Cold

Coconut oil is also very effective n cough and cold. Just by adding a few drops of coconut oil in chamomile tea, you get instant relief from the cough and cold.

Instant Relief from Cold

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