21 Ways To Relieve Pain From Braces Naturally


Orthodontic braces can be very uncomfortable and painful especially in the first few days. They can cause mild bleeding and swelling in the gums. This is of course temporary. Here are some ways to relieve pain from the braces.

Natural Ways to Relieve Pain From Braces

1. Take Some Painkillers

An over the counter painkiller like ibuprofen will give relief from very severe pain. Speak to your doctor about the recommended dosage. Take painkillers only if absolutely necessary. Give the pain a week or so to subside. After that, it will automatically dissipate.

2. Saline Gargles

Do saline gargles everyday until the pain subsides. In order to do this, take a glass of water and to this add a pinch of salt. Gargle your mouth everyday with this solution. This will help to get rid of the pain. You will feel much better.

3. Stick to Semi Solids for the First Few Days

The first few days are likely to be very uncomfortable as you will not be able to chew or swallow food. In such cases, stick to semi solids and gruels for the first few days. Avoid solids and crunchy foods as they will not only cause you pain but will also be difficult to chew.

4. Eat an Ice Cream

Have an ice cream immediately after the braces have been put. Eating ice cream will help to relieve swelling and inflammation of the gums. Keep having ice cream 1-2 times in a day. The cool sensation of the ice cream will bring down the pain and give you the much-needed relief. It will also be a well enjoyed treat.

5. Have Soups and Warm Milk

Alternately, you must also take liquids in the form of soups and warm milk as the heat from the soups will enhance blood circulation and reduce the sensation of pain that is troubling you.

6. Wear the Rubber Bands

Make sure you wear rubber bands at all times especially if your braces have hooks. The hooks will not be able to dig into the skin. That is another reason why braces cause pain.

7. Do not Touch the Sores

If you have developed sores around your teeth, avoid touching them with the sides of your tongue. If you do this, the sores will hurt even more.

8. Avoid Acidic Drinks

Try to avoid taking in drinks like citrus fruit juices, as they are acidic in nature and will hurt your sores even more. Stick to non-acidic and non-spicy drinks.

9. Suck on Ice

Suck on a cube of ice, as the ice will help to bring down any additional pain and swelling.

10. Use a Soft Bristled Toothbrush

Use a brush, which has soft bristles as these allow you to brush your teeth without hurting your sores.

11. Use a Mouth Guard

Use a mouth guard to protect your braces from hurting any part of your mouth. You will have to use these especially if you are into professional sports. The mouth guard will protect your mouth from further injuries.

12. Use Dental Wax

Dental wax is very good for braces. It is applied on the metallic portion of the braces to reduce friction especially at night. The soft wax prevents the abrasive metal from rubbing against the skin and causing blisters and sores. Keep using dental wax to prevent gum and tooth pain.

13. Try Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

If you have previously suffered from cavities and sensitive teeth, the braces are likely to hurt you more. In such cases, use the toothpaste for sensitive teeth. This will reduce tooth sensitivity and make you feel less uncomfortable especially when the braces adjust themselves on the teeth.

14. Use Oral Anaesthetic

Oral anaesthetics like orajel work by deadening the mouth and reducing sensitivity to pain. Dab the gel on the gums and the sides of the mouth where the sores and blisters occur. The gel will deaden the spot and take the pain away from some time. You can use this gel especially when you try to get some sleep at night.

15. Give it Time

Give yourself time to adjust to the pain. Anything new inside your mouth will take time to adjust. Over the next few weeks, you will automatically feel better and the pain will subside.

16. Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

A rinse with hydrogen peroxide will make you feel better. Rinse your mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide. Use one part of hydrogen peroxide and one part of water and swish this solution in your mouth for one minute. Repeat this procedure2-3 times and do this every day until you feel some relief.

17. Frozen Teething Rings

There are special teething rings, which allow you to chew on them. They are frozen, emitting a cool sensation to your teeth. You can also place them in the freezer to cool them. Chew on them gently especially from the area of the mouth which hurts.

18. Check the Braces

Sometimes the fitment of the braces is not correct. You need to get in touch with the dentist and get your braces corrected. Sometimes if the braces are very large, they tend to rub against the skin and cause pain and friction. Ask your orthodontist to cut your wires short and reduce their size so that they do not dig into your skin.

19. Brush Gently

Make sure you brush your teeth gently with a soft bristled toothbrush. Gentle strokes will clean effectively without causing much pain.

20. Place a Heating Pad

Place a heating pad on the jaw to reduce the sensation of pain. Alternatively, you can place a warm washcloth especially if the pain gets unbearable. Do this several times a day to ease the pain.

21. Clip The Sharp Edges

The sharp and protruding edges of the braces can be easily removed by clipping them. This will give you instant relief. These are some simple and effective ways to relieve pain from braces. In the worst cases, if you do not get relief, see a good dentist or a doctor who will evaluate and assess the fitment of your dentures. Some minor adjustments here and there will give you immediate relief from the pain.

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