15 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Packed with important vitamins, the crispy and humble cucumber can be beneficial for a wide range of health conditions like blood pressure, joint pain and stiff muscle. But there is an impressive list of diseases that can be bettered with the help of cucumber.

Here Are 15 Astonishing Health Benefits And Uses Of Cucumber:

1. Relaxation From Constipation

Calorie content in cucumber is very low. A cucumber weighing 100 grams contains only fifteen grams of calorie. Cholesterol or saturated fat contents in cucumber are also very thin. Therefore, a regular cucumber-based diet can go long way to cure your constipation.

Relaxation From Constipation

2. Flushes Out Toxins

Cucumber rind is very rich in dietary fiber. It can ease off your constipation and help you prevent from constipation. Regular intake of cucumber along with its rind can eliminate toxic substances from your gut very effectively.

Flushes Out Toxins

3. Good Health Of Kidney And Urinary Tract

Cucumber works well for keeping kidney and urinary tract in good health. Since cucumber contains great amount of water, it helps regulate kidney function very effectively and promotes urination. Steady consumption of cucumber can also help in dissolving stones in kidney.

Good Health Of Kidney And Urinary Tract

4. Helps In Digestion

Curative property of cucumber is well known. Regular consumption of cucumber or its juice can efficaciously deal with common stomach disorders such as acidity, heartburn, gastritis or gastritis ulcer. An enzyme named erepsin that is found in cucumber has the ability to digest protein properly.

5. Rich In Potassium

Cucumbers are very rich in potassium. A cucumber weighing 100 grams holds one hundred forty seven milligram of potassium. The high dose of potassium is highly beneficial for heart as it can potentially lower blood pressure by undoing the consequence of sodium in the body. Low sodium ensures better heart beat and good health of heart.

Rich In Potassium

6. Eliminates Intestinal Worms

Apart from cucumber and its juice, cucumber seeds are also packed with health benefits. Cucumber seeds are time-tested cure for getting rid of tapeworms found in intestinal tracts. Due to their anti-inflammatory attributes, the seeds are also used to cure swellings of the mucus-secreting membranes of throat and nose.

7. Cancer Fighting Ability

Cancer fighting ability of cucumber is very strong. Cucumber contains three lignans – secoisolariciresinol, lariciresinol and pinoresinol. They play active role in averting several forms of cancer such as prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. As soon as we intake cucumber, the bacteria inside our digestive system cling to these lignans. Then, these lignans get converted to enterolignans which put barriers to estrogen receptors. Thus, they fend off diseases related to estrogen like cancer.

Cancer Fighting Ability

8. Dental Health

Cucumber releases a chemical substance known as phytochemical. This biologically active chemical effectively fights bad breath and kills bacteria. The best way you can use cucumber against bad breath and bacteria is to get a cucumber slice and hold it against the roof of mouth with the help of tongue for thirty seconds. The phytochemical secreted from cucumber will eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath. You can also use cucumber juice for curing gum problems such as weak gum and pyorrhea.

Dental Health

9. Bone Health

Vitamin K contained in cucumber is known to boost up orthotropic activity that leads to toning up the bones. Cucumber is also rich in silica that plays role in keeping up the joints by toning up connecting tissues.

Bone Health

10. Cures Alzheimer’s

Copper contents in cucumber help in the formation of neurotransmitters, a neurochemical needed by brain for communication. It also limits neural damage caused to the brain which leads to prevention from Alzheimer’s disease.

Cures Alzheimer’s

11. Rich In Antioxidants

A carotene, B carotene and zeaxanthin which are forms of antioxidant are found in good deal in cucumber. These substances remain very active against cell damages and provide safeguard to ageing and other disorders related to age.

12. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Extracts of fresh cucumber work well against inflammation. It works so by deterring the activity of cyclo-oxyenase, a pro-inflammatory enzyme and thwarting overproduction of a poisonous gas called nitric oxides.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

13. Guards Against Diabetes

Cucumber juice possesses certain hormones that help pancreas in the production of insulin. We are already aware that insulin is very crucial for diabetic patients. Copper contents found in cucumber promote healthy blood-cells which ultimately help in diabetic condition.

Guards Against Diabetes

14. Regenerates Skin

Skin revitalizing properties of cucumber are well known. Facial mask prepared with cucumber helps in rejuvenating and tightening the skin.

Regenerates Skin

15. Promotes Stronger Hair

Cucumber is rich in sodium, sulphur, calcium, silicon and phosphorus. All these elements help in promoting hair growth and making it strong. A daily dose of cucumber juice can go long way to hold back hair fall.

Hair Growth

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