15 Natural Cures For Brittle Bones

Brittle BonesThe condition of brittle bones in medical terms is known as Osteoporosis. It is often seen that women mostly suffer from this disease. Lot of women in Asian countries have been diagnosed with serious conditions of brittle bones. In this disease the bone mass reduces drastically and the strength of the bone is lost.

Serious forms can lead to inability to walk or bending of the back. As soon as brittle bone is diagnosed immediate action should be taken so that the mass of the bone do not further erode. There are certain natural cures of brittle bone disease.

Natural Cures Of Brittle Bone Disease

Dairy Products

Calcium is the main resource for bone health. Dietary products like milk, butter, ghee and cheese are rich in calcium and therefore should be taken regularly.

Dairy Products

At least 1 gm of calcium is required regularly for an average adult to maintain their good bone health. If you don’t like milk add some flavouring agent like chocolate powder or cardamom powder to make it flavoured and tasty.

Calcium Supplements

Calcium supplements like Calcium Santoz can be taken daily with the prescribed doses. This is especially good for women during their menopausal times. During menopause a lot of hormonal changes take place inside our bodies and we need to be very careful during that period. The problem of brittle bones can arise during this time and therefor proper resource of calcium is a must.


There are few people who are allergic to dairy products or choose to have a vegan diet. For them there are certain herbs that can be used to cure the condition of brittle bones.


Some herbs like wild oats, thyme, Liquorice etc can be added in dried forms to your regular food and can be drunk as a beverage for good results.

Estrogen Plants

Estrogen rich plants like ginseng and wild yum is good to maintain the bone’s density. They can be taken daily as a form of tincture.It is best to take them thrice a day before your normal meals. This can again help to prevent erosion of bone mass and support in the density formation.


Turmeric is an age-old medicine used to keep the various problems related to our body at bay. Taking turmeric daily in the form of powdered spice or raw in the morning can help to drive off excessive pain caused during the bone stress.


You can make a paste of raw turmeric and mustard oil and then massage on the affected area before taking bath.


Soy products are rich in an ingredient called Isoflavones. This is known as a resource to improve the density of the bones. Use of tofu and Soy milk can prove to be quite useful and has been practised for centuries in South East Asia. Nowadays many health conscious individuals are opting for Soy products instead of Dairy ones.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements are very good for increasing mass density. It is said that along with calcium, Vitamin D should also be consumed and then only the effect of calcium will be more.

Low Vitamin D Levels And Diabetes

Health drinks rich in Vitamin D Can be mixed with milk to improve the situation. There are certain health drink that can be taken for this.

Tai Chi

This is a mild form of exercise practised in China. Practising Tai Chi regularly can increase the overall health of a person, including the bone health. It strengthens bones and muscles. The problem of decrease in bone mass density will be combated easily. It is advised to learn the art under expert supervision.


Acupuncture is an age old Chinese therapy, performed through needles by expert practitioners.  It has been proved through research that acupuncture therapy has cured Osteoporosis patients by increasing the bone mass density and also preventing the bones from further damage.


However, you should choose the right and expert practitioner to undergo acupuncture therapy.


Seated poses in yoga will help in strengthening the backbones and hipbones considerably. Some yoga poses that are quite complicated can be very helpful in healing serious patients, while mild bone brittleness can be cured through mild yoga practice. Some standing poses are quite useful to improve balance.

Avoid Dieting

You should restrict yourself from dieting in this phase. Losing too much of weight can prove quite harmful and worsen the situation of brittle bones.

Nutritional Diet

Also, reducing your diet may restrict you to intake certain foods that can be good for your bone health in general. Again weight loss affects bone health as the bone will become more brittle in this state.


Try to go for a walk regularly. Total immobility of limbs can cause the bones to become very brittle. Walking will improve in muscle and bone strength. The limbs will become strong and the chances of falling may lessen. It is often seen that falling is a very common problem in older persons. This may be controlled if you can regularly walk.

Avoid Over Exercising

While exercising is quite good for your health doing it too much can give adverse effect. Walking too much has been proved to be a cause of bone mass decrease.


Often athletes and runners suffer from this condition. Therefore restrict the time and energy you invest in your physical fitness routine.

Be Careful

Generally patients of brittle bone disease are prone to falls. You should be careful while walking. You should avoid steep roads and uneven ways. Be careful while walking the stairs. Always avoid walking on slippery floors as there are chances to fall. A fall may be quite bad for patients of brittle bone as it may result in serious fracture very easily.

These are some natural cures for brittle bones. However, consulting a medical practitioner is always advised. As we know prevention is better than cure, be sure that you eat properly calcium rich foods from before to keep brittle bones at bay.

Control Alcohol Intake

Try to maintain a balanced lifestyle and restrict your alcohol consumption. Addiction to alcohol or over drinking can prove to be quite harmful. While drinking in moderate amount is actually good.

Avoid Alcohol

Some drinks like red wine is actually good for bones and heart. However, as it is quite hard to control the intake, it is best to totally avoid alcohol.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.