15 Health Benefits Of White Radish

Health Benefits Of White Radish

Radish may not be a favourite vegetable to everybody, but due to health benefits it is good one. It is popularly known as mooli in India. It can be eaten both in raw and by cooking. It is found in two colours, white and pinkish red. The white root vegetable has lots of benefits to offer.

Here You’ll Find 15 Benefits:

1. Good For Diabetics :

Insulin is a hormone which helps in absorbing glucose from the body. But the diabetis patients body is unable to produce insulin. So that they are advised not to take starchy foods. But they can take radish, as it doesn’t contain starch.

Good For Diabetics

2. Good Medicine For Skin Diseases:

As white radish contains vitamin C and antioxidants, it helps to prevent your skin from free radical damages. You can use the juice of radish leaves with honey on your face. It also works as a good cleanser.

Good Medicine For Skin Diseases

3. Decreases The Risk Of Cancer :

As white radish has phytochemicals and anthocyanins, it reduces the chances of cancer. Besides these radish has vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and helps in preventing any damage to DNA inside the cells. Thus it is a preventive for cancer disease.

Decreases The Risk Of Cancer

4. Cures Jaundice :

The juice of both the white radish and its leaves works good in eliminating toxins. These keep your stomach and liver healthy. The juice helps to regulate the amount of bilirubin in the blood and increases the blood supply within the body and it checks the loss of red blood cells caused by jaundice.

Cures Jaundice

5. Decreases Constipation :

Constipation is a common problem for so many people. As radish has high fibre contents, it clears the food stock in your colon. And also it secrets digestive juices which helps in good digestion. Thus it helps in curing constipation.

Decreases Constipation

6. Helps In Weight Loss :

White radish contains extremely low calorie and high fibre which makes good digestion. Thus it can be a good weight loss diet.

Helps In Weight Loss

7. Regularizes Period Problem Of Women :

Women those have irregularities in periods should take the juice of boiled radishes. It acts best.

Regularizes Period Problem Of Women

8. Good For Asthma Patients :

The presence of anti congestive properties in radish make it beneficial for asthmatic patients. It also acts against allergies of respiratory track and protects it from infections.

Good For Asthma Patients

9. Acts Against Cold And Cough :

Cold and cough patients should take radish. Because its anti – congestive properties help in clearing the mucus formed in the throat.

Acts Against Cold And Cough

10. Keeps The Kidney Healthy :

White radish has another good property that it is diuretic in nature which is extremely good for kidney and improves its health. It eliminates toxins from the body and acts as a natural cleanser.

Keeps The Kidney Healthy

11. Good For Piles Patients :

Piles patients should drink radish juice. Everyday they have to drink 60 ml radish juice for two times. It decreases the pain of piles.

Good For Piles Patients

12. Decreases Acidity :

Acidity problem patients should take radish juice with sugar in empty stomach. It decreases acidity.

Decreases Acidity

13 Cures Heart Burn :

People suffering from heart burn and bloating can take both radish and radish juice. Intake of white radish decreases heart burn.

Cures Heart Burn

14. Cures Ear Pain :

In the case of ear pain, two drops of radish juice can be put in both the ears. It will decrease the ear pain.

Cures Ear Pain

15. Removes Black Spots :

If you apply the paste of white radish on the black spots of the face, it will remove the spots.

Removes Black Spots

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