15 Health Benefits of Rice Bran Oil For Your Skin and Health

Health Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil For Your Skin And Health

You would be very familiar with coconut oil, olive oil or mustard oil; but do you know about rice bran oil? It is extracted from the hard external layer (which is brown in color) of rice, which appears after chaff (also known as rice husk). It is known for its mild flavor; this is the reason it is a great choice for cooking at high temperatures (like deep frying or stir drying). It is a very popular vegetable oil that not only offers the benefits offered by regular vegetable oils, but also many health benefits that you won’t get in other vegetable oils.

Rice bran oil is primarily used in some of the Asian countries (like Japan, China). Part of it is because rice is already a very popular staple food in their diet. Its composition is quite similar to that of peanut oil, and contains monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and fatty acids. Its also popular in many other parts of the world because of its low price and tremendous health benefits it offers.

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Using Rice Bran Oil For Your Skin, Hair And Health:

Rice Bran Oil Prevents Aging Signs.

Vitamin E, which is present in good amounts in rice bran oil, is vital for maintaining health of the skin. Free radicals can adversely impact the skin cells and trigger aging signs on the skin. Rice bran oil can supply a decent amount of Vitamin E to your skin and fight back free-radical damage.


It Improves Skin Tone.

It prevents free-radical damage and therefore improves your skin health and skin tone so that it looks fresh and radiant.


It Strengthens Your Metabolism.

By controlling bad cholesterol and sugar levels, rice bran oil effectively helps in consolidating the metabolism of your body.

Improved Metabolism

Rice Bran Oil Helps Against Alcoholism.

It has been observed that regular consumption of rice bran oil assists in shunning the habit of excessive drinking and therefore helps against alcoholism.

Avoid alcohol

It Reduces Bad Cholesterol.

Cholesterol is one particular factor that bothers almost all patients who have any kind of heart-related disorder. Not only those people, but even for people who tend to have less exercise (or no exercise whatsoever), high levels of cholesterol is a cause of concern. But the good thing is rice bran oil is good for maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol. According to the World Health Organisation, it contains the most healthy combination of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fats, which is why it is very healthy for your heart.


It Helps In Menopausal Problems.

In a research, it was observed that more than 90% of the women had benefited from rice bran oil and reported a decrease in hot flashes; in addition to this, it also helped in some other issues related to menopause.

Helps in post-menopause

It Helps To Maintain A Healthy Blood Pressure.

Hypertension, or consistently high blood pressure, can prove to be detrimental for your heart. Using rice bran oil can help control high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure

It Assists In Controlling Blood Sugar Levels.

High blood sugar levels can result in a number of complications related to skin, hair and your overall well-being. For example, a person with high sugar level tends to gain body fat pretty fast. Also, people who have unusually high blood sugar levels are prone to skin injuries and have a hard time recuperating from those injuries. Rice bran oil helps in controlling blood sugar, and thus helps you to remain fit.

Blood Sugar Levels

It Rejuvenates You.

Rice bran oil provides tremendous energy if consumed in proper quantities and immensely increases your athletic performance.

Detoxify Your Body

Keeps Your Skin Soft And Supple.

It contains a compound called squalene that is absorbed in the skin; it helps to keep the skin soft, supple and healthy.

Combination Skin

It Helps To Combat Obesity.

Since it improves the metabolism of your body, it essentially helps in bettering the efficiency of various parts of your body. It is observed that people with a healthy metabolic rate tend to be more active and are at a lower risk of getting obese.


It Does Not Cause Allergic Reactions.

Due to being hypoallergenic in nature, rice bran oil significantly reduces the chances of allergic reactions when it is used for cooking purposes. Additionally, it can even help to reduce the levels of any allergic reactions you experience.

Allergic Reactions

It Consolidates Your Immunity.

Rice bran oil does provide consolidation to your immune system and therefore keeps diseases at bay.

Boosts Immunity

It’s Beneficial For Your Liver.

It has been found that rice bran oil is immensely beneficial for improving your liver function and keep you free from liver-related diseases.


It Helps Against Certain Cancers.

Rice bran oil is a great source of anti-oxidants, which is great news for fighting cancerous diseases. The chances of certain cancers increase due to free-radical damage; the anti-oxidant properties of this oil go a long way to fight off certain types of cancer.


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