15 Health Benefits Of Currant Fruit

benefits of currant fruit

There are lots of varieties of currant fruits. These are sweet and have different flavours. This fruit is mainly used for snacks, garnishing purpose and preparation of jam. Apart from its taste, flavour and look it is a very nutritious fruit.
Let’s find out its various benefits.

Here Are The 15 Health Benefits Of Currant Fruit:

Boosts Haemoglobin Level

Red currants increase the level of haemoglobin and cure anaemia. It is rich in iron and copper which aid the creation of red blood cells. Red current is good to remove tiredness, drowsiness and muscular weakness.

Red blood cells

Stimulates Immune System

Currant fruits act as a protector from several infections, like cold, allergies, respiratory problems. These fruits also prevent cancer. It contains vitamin C which is significant anti-oxidants that boost the immune system.

Immune System

Healthy Heart

Black currant protects your heart. Its properties remove the free radicals and obstruct the fat admission in the blood vessels. It protects the entire cardiovascular system. Black currant is an anti-oxidants rich fruit.

Heart health

Reduce Cholesterol

All types of currant fruits are eligible to reduce the LDL level means bad cholesterol and increase the HDL means good cholesterol. The currant fruits have soluble fibre and Omega-3 fatty acid which control the cholesterol level of the body. These fruits are good to protect your heart.


Strong Bones

All types of currant fruits are good for bone health. Its vitamin K property holds the calcium and makes stronger bones. Currant fruits have Boron component which ensures the joint flexibility and protect all joints including knees and bone damages.

Boost Bone Health

Fights Against Cavities

Currant fruits are very effective for mouth health. It makes the stronger gum, fight against the cavities and reduces the chances of oral cancer. These fruits are efficiently killing all bacteria and protect teeth.


Cure Constipation

The small berries have loads of soluble fibre which eases the constipation problems. This property stimulates the digestion, improve bowel movement and soften the stool. It contains purgative material which cures the constipation.


Anti- Carcinogenic

Black currants have anti-oxidants properties like zea-xanthin, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. These components remove the free radicals and protect the body from cancer effect.


Treats Urinary Tract Infections

Black currant obstructs the bacteria growth in urinary tract. It has anti- bacterial components, such as, tannin and anthocyanin.

Urinary Tract Infections

Improves Memory

Black currant aids to increase the blood cells and increase the flow of oxygen in the brain to improve the memory. It is an iron rich fruit.

Increase Your Memory

Relieves Pain

Currant fruits are very effective on arthritis and gout pain. The black currents are more efficiently cure these pains because it has anti-inflammatory elements.

Nerve pain

Cure Cough

You are familiar to the lozenges of black currant. This fruit soothes cough related problems, such as, throat irritation, yelling cough and inflammation.


Skin Health

Currant fruits are good for skin health. Black current treats several skin problems like, acne, pimples, eczema and psoriasis. Its omega 3 helps to protect the skin health. It makes your skin smooth and radiant.


Delays Premature Ageing

Black currant is a very efficient fruit. It contains anti-oxidants and vitamin C. These components protect you from premature ageing. It helps you to remove wrinkles, fine lines and delays greying the hair.

It worsens with age

Strong Hair

The black currant oil has omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids which stops the hair loss. This oil increases the hair growth and makes the hair healthy and strong.

Soothes Your Hair

The above mentioned benefits can surely be availed if you incorporate current fruit in your diet daily.

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