15 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Juniper Berries

Health Benefits Of Juniper Berries

You would have heard a lot about blueberries and raspberries, and their amazing health benefits, but have you ever heard of juniper berries? Well, a juniper berry is the female seed cone that is produced by a host of different species of junipers. What’s more interesting about is that its name is pretty counter-intuitive; a juniper berry is not actually a berry, but a cone with merged scales, which are unusually fleshy, and give it a berry-like appearance. You would find juniper berries in a number of western cuisines, and they are also popular for imparting the distinctive flavor to gin.

Juniper berries have a incredibly diverse nutritional profile which make them highly suitable for tackling a number of afflictions and keeping you fit. They are used in a number disorders including that of heart, brain and kidneys; they are also enormously helpful in many digestive problems. However, use of juniper berries can also cause some nasty side-effects; therefore, it is always recommended to use juniper berries under a physician’s supervision.

Here Are A Few Health Benefits Of Juniper Berries That You Should Know About:

Beautification Of Skin

When crushed and applied directly to the skin in regulated amounts, juniper berry aids in beautification of your skin. In fact, they are used in a number of cosmetic products (like lipstick, eye shadows and so on) as a primary ingredient. They help in cleansing the pores of the skin and prevent clogging of pores to make sure your skin in shiny and well-nourished.


Shrink Body Stones

Juniper berries are known to be helpful in dissolving the stones present in your bladder or kidneys.

Prevents gallstones

Enhance Immunity

One should have a strong immune system to keep away from diseases. Juniper berries have tremendous anti-oxidant properties that help in consolidating your immune system.

Improves Immunity

Tremendous Antiseptic Properties

They are well-known for their ability to heal skin wounds and injuries quickly due to their antiseptic properties.

Antiseptic Agent

Reduce Joints Pain

They are known for their ability to reduce the pain of joints and bones that affects a lot of people; especially old people, since bones and muscles tend to become weaker as one grows old. Juniper berries can help to cure the pain of bones, joints and muscles and also make them stronger.

Relieve Joint Pain

Useful Against Snakebites

Juniper berries have been found to be quite useful against snakebites due to their medicinal properties.


Protect Against Certain Types Of Cancer

Due to their anti-carcogenic properties, juniper berries are known to protect against certain types of cancer. They have anti-oxidants which fight free radical damage and keep you protected from cell damage.


Aid Digestion

Juniper berries are known for their digestion-aiding properties. Regular consumption of juniper berries ensures that there is a proper flow of a number of vital digestive juices and acids in stomach.

Improves Digestion (2)

Prevent Urinary Infections

Juniper berries help in keeping infections of the urinary tract at bay and therefore help in maintaining a healthy excretory system. This property is accentuated by the fact that they are such good diuretics.

Urinary Tract Infections

Reduce Aging Signs

By keeping your skin constantly nourished, juniper berries help to hide and reduce aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

It worsens with age

Diuretic Properties

A diuretic is any substance that can help in the production of urine in your body. Diuretics aid the production of urine in your body by increasing the excretion of water from your body. Juniper berries are known for their diuretic properties; they aid proper functioning of kidneys and assist in getting rid of detrimental toxins from your body. This not only helps in removing excess water containing a host of waster materials, but it also keeps your blood pressure in check as it removes excess salts and uric acid from your body.

Detoxify Your Body

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of juniper berries, they prove to be quite useful against diseases like gout, cystitis, bronchitis and so on. They also provide assistance to alleviate swelling.


Prevent Brain Disorders

A healthy brain is very important for a smooth functioning of different parts of your body. If your brain gets afflicted with any disease, it not only affects your brain, but also some of the other parts of your body. Juniper berries help in keeping your brain fit and free from seizures and other such afflictions.

Increase brain power

Anti-bacterial Properties

Due to the presence of anti-bacterial properties, they protect your body against infections and ailments; they also help in guarding you from food poisoning that can make matter worse for you.

Bacterial infections

Appetite Booster

If you experience a loss of appetite, juniper berries can help you out. They are known to boost one’s appetite, and therefore can be pretty helpful to help you gain weight by increasing your food-intake.

Improves Appetite

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