15 Benefits Of Green Almonds For Skin, Hair And Health

Green Almonds For Skin, Hair And Health

Green almonds are nuts which are rich in nutrients. They are a rich source of Vitamin E which is essential for skin and hair. These nuts keep us healthy and have some medicinal and cosmetic benefits as well. The advantages of eating green almonds are discussed below.

Here Are The Benefits Of Green Almonds For Skin, Hair And Health:


Green almonds act as an antioxidant agent. They remove the toxic materials accumulated due to pollution. As it is a rich source of vitamin E, it removes the free radicals and you get a smooth, clear and glowing skin.



It is a natural detoxifier and cleans our internal system which otherwise leads to several skin problems such as acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples etc. Therefore eating these nuts regularly help to cure several skin problems. These nuts provide the required nutrients to our skin cells. Therefore it is also referred to as ‘skin food’.

Detoxify Liver


Green almonds have anti-ageing property. It can prevent ageing problems like wrinkles, fine lines, black spots, marks etc. Consume green almonds directly to look younger or you can apply almond face mask to get a clear and flawless skin or can massage green almond oil on the skin to get a glowing and nourished skin.


Improves Complexion

Green almonds can enhance your complexion if consumed regularly. It gives you a soft and glowing skin. It also protects the skin from harmful effect of the ultraviolet rays of sun thereby improving the skin complexion and maintaining the same.


Prevents Hair Loss

Green almonds are rich source of vitamins and essential nutrients which is necessary for hair. Eating green almonds regularly prevents hair loss and nourishes the hair strands. In return you get strong and nourished hair.

Hair loss (2)

Hair Re-growth

Green almonds promote hair growth. It is a rich source of protein, iron and vitamin E which is essential for hair growth. Soak almonds in water overnight and eat it the next day. Eat at least 10 green almonds everyday to get longer and thicker hair.

hair growth

Hair Shine

These nuts are rich in protein and vitamin E. The protein present in nuts help in blood circulation to scalp. This makes your hair look glossy and shiny. Include green almonds regularly in your diet to see the difference.


Intellectual Growth

This may sound surprising but green almonds help in increasing the intellectual level. These nuts are a rich source of carnitine and riboflavin which nourish the brain and nerves. Therefore including these nuts in the diet helps enhance brain functionality resulting in higher intellectual levels.

Sharpens Your Brain

Weight Loss

Green almonds contribute significantly towards weight loss. They have healthy fat which actually cuts off the unwanted fat in the body and makes you slim. It has an unusual property of removing excess fat from the body. Regularly eat green almonds to be in shape and lose weight in the natural way.

Faulty weight loss programs

Maintains PH Balance

Green almonds help to maintain the PH balance in the body. Our body becomes acidic due to the secretion of gastric and intestinal juice. However these nuts contain alkaline protein which neutralize the effect of the acidic secretions and maintain the PH balance in the body.

Maintains pH Balance

Boosts Immune System

As green almonds act as an antioxidant, it flushes the toxins and waste substances from the body. This in turn enhances the immunity of the body, therefore these nuts boost the immune system and your body becomes resistant to many diseases and infection.

Immune System

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

It is a common observation that the blood sugar level in the body rises after a meal. The sudden rise and fall of blood sugar is not good for health. Green almonds help in the secretion of insulin hormone which regulates the blood sugar level.

Blood Sugar Levels

Strong Bones

Green almond has a high content of phosphorous. Calcium and phosphorous is extremely important for building bones and teeth. Eating green almonds regularly makes your teeth and bones stronger. It also improves the entire skeletal system of the body.

Boost Bone Health

Prevents Heart Diseases

The skin of the green almonds contains flavonoids which is essential for the arteries. It guards the blood vessels by preventing ruptures or damages. It can also prevent heart attack and any type of heart diseases. These nuts have healthy fat and hence keep cholesterol under check.

Heart health

Good For Digestion

Green almonds are rich in fibre which makes the digestion process easier. Therefore it helps in bowel movements and prevents constipation. These nuts aid in the digestion process and are excellent for the digestive system. Regularly eat these nuts for smooth functioning of the digestive system.

Improves Digestion (2)

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