15 Benefits Of Echinacea For Skin, Hair And Health

Benefits Of Echinacea For Skin, Hair And Health

Echinacea is a generic name given to all the nine species of the flowering plant that come from the daisy family. It is a perennial shrub that is found in the eastern and central parts of America. The shrub has beautiful purple flowers that have long petals from the head to look like a miniature version with healing properties. Echinacea smells like honey and has myriad. There are plenty of products in the market that uses Echinacea in their moisturizing, anti-aging serum and lotions.

Given Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Echinacea:

Fights Acne

Acne is a very common problem that is found mostly among the teens and young adults. Echinacea is the element which is present in the acne creams which works as magic on the face. It helps in smoothening the skin and brings down the swelling of the skin tissue. Other than that it also helps to fight the acne causing bacteria and provide freedom from acne in a long term basis.


Diminishes Wrinkles

Creams rich in Echinacea has the amazing effect has the amazing working on the fine lines and wrinkles. When used on a regular basis they tend to reduce appearance of wrinkles by at least 55%. Echinacea is rich in tannins and has the substances that work like astringent which has some shrinking effect in the skin cells. It is very incredible that a pretty flower can revive your skin’s youth.

Reduces Wrinkles

Soothes The Skin

There are many times when your kid skid off the bicycles and injure their knees and elbows. Echinacea under this condition works as a topical disinfectant those wounds. It has an analgesic effect that affects the irritated skin. Echinacea works pretty great for the healing process that promotes cellular regeneration. It reduces the inflammation and redness of the skin and thereby alleviates the discomfort.


Promotes Hair Growth

Echinacea helps in controlling the hair fall and promotes hair growth making your hair feel full of it. It does that by enriching the blood circulation of the scalp which helps in strengthening the hair follicles.

Hair Growth


Echinacea helps in controlling the hair fall and helps in promoting growth of hair. It is perhaps one of the best herbal anti-dandruff remedies that help a lot. The anti-microbial properties of Echinacea help in eliminating dandruff when used over a period of time. They also causes itchy scalp and results in the development of tiny bumps in the head due to over scratching.

Eliminating Dandruff

For Lustrous Hair

You can make a hair mask out of it by adding extract of aloe Vera gel to Echinacea tincture and add some tea tree oil to it. It is like the best and the ultimate recipe for healthy hair. The aloe Vera and the tea tree in the oil moisturize the hair and fight the bacteria what are the cause to the infections on the scalp. The hair mask has a calming effect on the nerves and smells very good too.

Soothes Your Hair

Cold And Flu

If you are suffering from cold and flu then Echinacea tincture is just the thing that you need to have. A timely dose of this can help you to reduce the duration of the condition. As the symptoms of cold and flu starts to appear a dose of Echinacea will do the trick.

Colds And Flu

Fight Infections

Researches have found that highly active polysaccharides in the Echinacea help in boosting the synthesis of the T cells. These T cells are responsible for the fighting of infection that protects the body from viruses and bacteria.

Immune System

Boost Immune System

They also increase the vitality of the blood cells and keep the immune system in very good condition.

Improve Stamina And Immunity

Supplement For Ear Infection

Echinacea can be used in the form of supplement that can be taken orally for infection of ear.

Reduces earache

Infection Of Urinary Tract

Echinacea helps in treating the infection that is caused in the urinary tract.

Urinary Tract Infections

Treatment Of Respiratory System

It is very much beneficial for the respiratory system and especially if it is caused due to bacterial infection.

Improves Respiration

Bee Stings

This scrub can be beneficial to get rid of the pain that is caused due to bee sting.

Scorpion & Bee Bites

Wound Healing

If you are suffering from boils, rash, burns or cuts you can apply dried Echinacea powder on the affected area and it will accelerate the healing process and promote cell regeneration.


Sore Throat

Echinacea also helps in getting over the soreness of the throat and getting a better pain free throat. Using Echinacea based shampoo can do the trick as it helps in getting relief of the dandruff but ultimately results in nuisance. People who have been suffering from eczema and psoriasis can benefit a lot from the situation in using shampoo containing extract of Echinacea on their scalp.

Sore Throat

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