15 Amazing Skin, Hair And Health Benefits Of Red Clover

Health Benefits Of Red Clover

Red clover plant is used as medicinal herb. It is native to the field of Europe, western Asia and Africa. But now it is found in every parts of the world. Its sweet tasted flowers are used in salads and beverages. Green leaves are used as medicinal tea. The red clover tea cures various illnesses.

Here Are 15 Benefits Of Red Clover:

Clear The Liver

Red clover tea cleanses the liver. It removes the wastes from the liver and the body. These wastes create blockages in liver and that leads to the functional problem of the liver. Red clover purifies the entire body and blood vessels. It protects the liver. You can drink this herbal tea to protect your liver.


Healthy Lungs

Daily consuming red clover tea will make your lungs healthy. Its anti- inflammatory property will help you to clear mucus and phlegm from lungs. Red clover tea will maintain your lungs.

Cures Lungs Problem

Improves Heart

This medicinal herb has a property called isoflavones. This element boost the HDL means good cholesterol level and lower the LDL means bad cholesterol. It influences the blood circulation and protects the arteries and heart health.

Heart health

Prevent Cancer

Research proved that this herb block the development of the cancer cells. It is effective mainly for prostate cancer and endometrial cancer. It has a component which is called isoflavones. This element has the power to treat cancer. The tea of the red clover also prevents cancer.


Relieves From Symptoms Of Menopause

After menopause there is various health issues arise, like skin problems, headache, night sweating, calcium reduction etc. These problems can be treated by red clover tea. This herbal tea efficiently treats all these problems including Breast soreness and PMS. You need to drink this tea regularly.

Helps in post-menopause

Treats Fertility

Red clover encourages the functions of female hormone estrogen. It boosts the propagative functions of the hormone. This herb treats infertility and protects from the miscarriages. You can use this herb daily if you have low estrogen level.


Boosts Immune System

Red clover contains vitamin c, magnesium, calcium, thiamine and full of anti-oxidants. These properties help to increase your immune system. It protects you from several infection and illnesses, like cough, nose congestion and respiratory issues. Drink the tea at the morning and at night before you go to the bed for better result.

Immune System

Slows Down Ageing

Red clover delays the ageing process. It protects the skin from fine lines, dryness, wrinkles and the effects of menopause. Red clover has few properties which help to protect the skin from symptoms of ageing. It makes the skin more healthy, smooth and radiant. You can include this drink in your regular diet chart after thirty years for keeping the skin well.

It worsens with age

Cures Infections On Skin

The red clover ointment treats various skin infections. It consider as a traditional medicine for skin issues like, eczema, psoriasis, blisters, wounds, ulcers and itching rashes. You can apply the lotion of the red clover at night before bed for better result.


Acne Treatment

Red clover cures acne and other skin problems. This herb removes the toxins and cleans the blood. It removes the nitrogenous trashes from the body. It is a very good medicine for skin. The herb not only cures the skin but makes it smooth and glowing. You can use it regularly.

acne prone skin

Lessens Cellulite

Include red clover tea in regular diet chart to avoid cellulite. This herb is significantly removes toxins from blood and the entire body. In fact, it reduces the extra fat which is called cellulite and gives you a good shape.

Fighting Cellulite

Strong Hair

Red clover has few properties which make the follicles strong. It increases the growth of the hair. You can wash your hair with red clover leaves tea to make your hair smooth and silky. This medicinal herb also treats dandruff problems as well as infections on the scalp.

Soothes Your Hair

Strong Bones

Red clover delays the loss of bone thickness after menopause. After menopause bones are becoming weak. Bones need minerals like calcium iron and phosphorus. Red clover tea supplements these minerals and makes the bone strong and prevents osteoporosis.

Boost Bone Health

Heals Wounds And Burns

You can directly apply the red clover to treat wounds or your burns. It speeds up your healing process.

Wound Healing

Control Anxiety And Depression

Red clover is an energizer. One cup red clover tea can improve your mood. It is highly effective for post menopause symptoms like depression, tension and anxiety. It directly effects on the emotion and boost the mental health of a person.

Combats Anxiety

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