15 Amazing Healthiest Green Vegetables You Need To Eat

Healthiest Green Vegetables

A healthy diet is good for leading a healthy life. Including healthy vegetables in your diet is essential, particularly green vegetables as they contain lots of nutrients. Green vegetables are packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and such nutrients play an important role in reducing the risks of developing cancer. Green vegetables are antioxidant-dense foods.

Green veggies are helpful in improving health and they contain a good dose of fiber and other plant-based nutrients that help protect diseases starting from diabetes to heart disorders.

Here Are Some Top 15 Healthy Green Vegetables You Need To Eat To Regularly:

Collard Greens:

Collard greens contain fiber and play a vital role in reducing LDL cholesterol. When eaten regularly, they help boost up resistance so as to fight diseases and also control the outset of hemorrhoid problems and other bowel disorders. They also help in detoxifying body and purifying the blood.

Collard Greens

Green Cabbage:

This cruciferous veggie is considered a workhorse of a kitchen. Loaded with nutrients, cabbage has cancer-fighting properties. It is low in calories and aids in reducing weight, blood pressure and preventing osteoporosis.

Cabbage Leaves Treatment

Mustard Greens:

The nutrients in mustard greens aid in lowering the risks of developing some forms of cancer. This cruciferous veggie helps detoxify your body and also aids in improving heart health and lowering cholesterol. It contains small doses of glucoraphanin which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Mustard greens


It belongs to the family of cabbage. It contains plant compounds that help in preventing several diseases. Carotenoids and antioxidants in watercress help in lowering the cellular damage. It aids in digestion and helps in putting off weight. It is a natural diuretic.



It is a nutrient-dense food that is low in calories and high in nutritional values. It contains a good dose of folate, Vitamin C and A. Cooked spinach is more nutritious and it contains lots of flavonoids that have cancer-fighting properties. Also, magnesium in spinach helps lower the blood pressure levels.

Spinach (2)


It is extremely nutritious and contains good doses of vitamins A and C. It is an excellent source of calcium. It has a mild spicy flavor and can be used in stews, casseroles etc. It has excellent antioxidant properties as well.



It contains high doses of potassium, Vitamin K, C, A and folate. Eating broccoli regularly helps in promoting brain health and improves the functioning of nervous system. It also aids in muscle growth. Being an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin K, broccoli helps in lowering the risks of osteoporosis. It also contains beta carotene and trace minerals that help boost immunity.

Broccoli (2)

Green Beans:

Also known as string beans, they play a vital role in lowering the cholesterol. Green beans contain fiber and are packed with many essential nutrients that help regulate blood sugar.

Green beans

Bok Choy:

Chinese cabbage or Bok Choy is an incredible source of vitamin C and A. It is low in calories, carbs, and fat. Being a potent antioxidant, Bok Choy helps fight radicals that cause cancer. It contains carotenoids that promote eye health. One cup of Bok Choy (shredded) will give you half the daily requirement of all essential nutrients.

Bok Choy

Brussels Sprouts:

This cruciferous veggie contains vitamin A, C, potassium, and folate. It helps lower blood pressure due to the adequate amounts of potassium in it and also plays a vital role in preventing birth defects due to the presence of folate.

Brussels sprouts

Swiss Chard:

The red hued stems, veins and stalks on the leaves of Swiss chard have a taste similar to beets and have a soft texture. It is mostly used to treat kidney stones. The oxalates in Swiss chard might reduce with cooking and hence prefer eating it raw. It contains antioxidants, vitamin K, fiber, manganese and many other nutrients, trace minerals good for health.

Swiss chard

Turnip Greens:

Loaded with calcium, vitamin A, C, K, turnip greens play a vital role in treating iron deficiency. It helps improve eyesight and is a must include in a diet rich in calcium so as to prevent osteoporosis and other bone disorders.

Turnip greens


Seaweed is full of minerals and an excellent source of iodine. It has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and a good dose of iron.



Kale is considered the healthiest green veggie available on the earth. It is a powerhouse of nutrients and it offers everything you could get from a green leafy vegetable. It is adequate in sulphur-containing phytonutrients, vitamins K, A, C, and antioxidants and has cancer-combating properties as well. It is highly nutritious when cooked and has a wide range of health benefits.



It is an excellent plant-based protein source for vegans. These soybeans could be an amazing substitute to fatty meat and can help in cutting down your cholesterol when consumed regularly.


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