14 Simple Ways To Make Your Skin Younger

14 Simple Ways To Make Your Skin Younger

A well groomed skin is the one that looks radiant even with passing years. Do you ever look at those ageless beauties who still look as young as you had seen them at first? Do you ever feel sorry for not taking care of your skin when there was time? Well, it’s better late than never. There are few simple skin hacks that can slow down aging, cure premature skin aging and repair the damaged skin that looked lifeless. And no, we aren’t giving you a list of expensive skin treatments, we are giving you the natural ways that will give you that ageless look that all women crave for. Let’s explore those skin saving tips that will keep you younger even at the age of 40.

1. Use A Non Comedogenic Face Wash

While many people tell us about the importance of using a gentle face wash, not all warn us about the dangers of using a comedogenic skin product. Comedogenic cosmetics clog the skin pores with sebum and oil. It results in a breakout that is not easy to deal with. Excessive oil, sebum, acne and acne spots damage the skin cells, resulting in premature skin aging. So, the next time you are out on a hunt to find a suitable face wash according to your skin tone and type, don’t forget to read the label and ensure that the product you are buying is non comedogenic.
In fact, a word of caution even with non comedogenic cosmetics is, do not choose a face wash/skin product that has excessive alcohol. Choose the one that is rich in aqua. It will hydrate your skin instead of making it oily or dry.

Use A Non Comedogenic Face Wash

2. Moisturize Your Skin Regularly

Leaving the skin bare after washing it leaves the cells exposed. Eventually, it makes the skin dry and flaky. Large skin cracks result in wrinkles, pigmentation, fine lines and age spots. If not taken care of, these early signs of aging cause huge damage to the underlying skin cells and tissues. Thus, moisturizer your skin daily. It keeps your face radiant and maintains its hydration level. The cells stay active, giving you a younger skin.

Moisturize Your Skin Regularly

3. Exfoliate Your Skin

The skin is exposed to dirt, smoke and dust every single day. Dirt particles clog skin pores. It results in acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pigmentation. Pigmented skin is lifeless and devoid of any glow. Eventually, the harsh toxins caused due to pollution trigger the formation of free radicals, which when combined with oxygen, trigger senescence. Senescence is the natural process of aging. We have to be realistic about what we expect from proper skin care. Thus, you have to keep in mind that senescence can only be slowed down, but not stopped.
When the skin is not exfoliated, it triggers senescence, resulting in early skin aging. Thus, exfoliation of skin is very necessary. It keeps your skin devoid of dirt, dust and free radicals. It also reduces whiteheads and blackheads, resulting in a youthful skin that looks flawless.
However, do not over exfoliate. If you feel like exfoliating your skin daily, opt for a very mild face scrub. Otherwise, exfoliating your face thrice every week is sufficient.

Exfoliate Your Skin

4. Wear A Sunscreen

Even if you moisturize your skin and exfoliate it gently and properly but don’t wear a sunscreen, all your efforts to retain a youthful glow will go in vain. Sun causes a lot of damage to our skin. It triggers melanin formation that makes the skin dark. The UVA and UVB sun rays cause further damage to the underlying skin cells. It results in sun spots, discoloration, wrinkles and fine lines. The best way to fight all these skin problems is wearing a higher SPF sunscreen. Re-apply it in every two hours if you stay out in the sun for too long.

However, use a gel based sunscreen for oily and combination skin, and water based sunscreen for dry and sensitive skin. Using a wrong sunscreen upsets the skin’s pH level, resulting in further problems.

Wear A Sunscreen

5. Tone Your Skin Everyday

Toning is an ignored part of beauty regimen. This underrated beauty hack is one of the major differences between younger looking skin and dull skin. If you do not use a toner or astringent after cleansing and exfoliating your face, the empty and fresly cleanesed pores enlarge. It results in acne, dryness, itching and even inflammation. Result? Dull and lifeless skin that looks double its age. So, tone your skin regularly. Toner shrinks the pore size, keeping the skin flawless and healthy.

Tone Your Skin Everyday

6. Sleep Well

Yes! Inadequate sleep destroys your skin health. It results in saggy eyes and ugly dark circles. Swollen eyes eventually result in skin loosening. Loose skin is the one that looks older than its age. So, have a good night sleep of 8 hours to relax not just your mind and body, but even your skin.

Sleep Well

7. Facial Exercises

With passing years, the skin stats loosing its elasticity. The tighter the skin, the younger it looks. People with increased blood circulation throughout the face and skin have healthy skin cells. It results in a much younger skin that never speaks its age. Thus, regularly do skin tightening facial exercises to maintain the blood flow and oxygen supply throughout your face.

Facial Exercises

8. De-Stress Your Mind

Sounds unrealistic and funny? Well, may or may not be, but for sure it results in early skin aging. When you are stressed, you naturally shrink and expand your forehead muscles. It results in fine lines around the eyes, lips and forehead. In fact, stress results in hormonal imbalance that reduces the body’s metabolism. Reduced metabolism means disturbed body functions including blood flow. And disturbed blood flow means insufficient oxygen supply. Result? Speedily aging skin that might not even slow down when taken care of externally. You can also try meditation and yoga that are naturally beneficial for de-stressing the mind.

De-Stress Your Mind

9. Face Masks

Skin loses its glow and charm due to various environmental and natural causes. They can be pollution, weather change, skin allergy and even hormonal imbalance. Such a skin is lifeless and patchy. Dullness causes discoloration and makes the skin dry and blotchy. Blotchy and inflammated skin can also cause itching and swelling. It results in unhealthy skin that increases the toxicity level of cells, disturbing the pH. You can use various anti aging face masks that are rich in minerals, sea salt, fuller earth, pearl dust or fruit extracts. If needed, you can also make a herbal face pack according to your skin type at home. Regular use of face packs will result in skin tightening. It will also take care of pigmentation. Eventually, your skin will retain its lost glow making it younger, supple and glossy.

Face Masks

10. Drink A Lot Of Water

Skin maintenance from inside is as important as its maintenance from outside. If you keep pampering your epidermis and ignore the underlying skin cells, it will do no good. The skin will become dry, developing deep cracks. And most of it can also be a result of toxins. Body develop toxins due to various reasons. These toxins start deteriorating the skin from inside. Water is the only one element that can flush all the harmful toxins out of the body. It also makes the cells fluffy and tighter by providing enough hydration and oxygen. Thus, drink 3 to 4 litre water every single day. In fact, drinking water empty stomach is a much better idea.

Drink A Lot Of Water

11. Green Tea Bags

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. And antioxidants are a boon for skin. They kill free radicals that cause aging. They also trigger the formation of collagen. Collagen is a skin protein that keeps cells and muscles tight. Increased collagen formation results in skin tightening. Green tea also makes the skin radiant, since it kills acne causing bacteria. Hence, other than drinking green tea daily and detoxifying your body, you can use the fresh tea bags instead of throwing them to improve your external beauty. Apply the tea bags around your eyes and entire face. It will reduce dark circles and will make the skin soft and glowing. You will certainly look at least 7 years younger than your real age.

Green Tea Bags

12. Use Night Creams

Most people use moisturizers before going to bed. Still their skin looks lesser than the skin of some other women. Have you ever wondered why? The reason is using night repair creams instead of normal moisturizers. Night is a resting time for the body and mind. It is the best time for skin healing as well. This is because, the face is not sucjected to any facial expression when you are asleep. We laugh, smile, cry, roll our eyes and shrink our forehead every single day. All these facial expressions evolve into fine lines slowly. So, instead of using normal moisturizers at night, start using repair creams and serums. It will make up for all the skin stretching that the face goes through throughout the day, by healing the same at night.

Use Night Creams

13. Don’t Use Hot Water While You Bathe Or Wash Your Face

Skin is very sensitive. It becomes dry when exposed to heat. People say that rinsing hair with hot water damages them, and the same stands true for skin as well. Never wash your face or skin with hot water. Excessive heat takes away all the essential oils from the skin. It results in extreme skin dryness that cannot be easily reversed even with the use of hydrating lotions. Remember, skin damaging is a fast process, but skin healing is a very slow and painful task.

Don't Use Hot Water While You Bathe Or Wash Your Face

14. Take Regular Steam

Taking hot steam doesn’t just help in cold and cough, it also improves the skin’s beauty and health. Steam makes the cells calm and easy, opening the clogged pores. Gently scrub your face after taking a steam bath, or normally take steam on your face. It will remove all dirt, dust, blackheads and whiteheads. Your overall skin health will improve. It will make your skin look radiant and younger.

Take Regular Steam

These simple daily hacks will not just help in making your skin toned, smooth and bright, they will also result in skin tightening. Thus, they will not only prevent the skin against early aging, but will also reverse the numerous signs of skin damage.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.