12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Helichrysum Essential Oil

Health Benefits Of Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum essential oil is made from extracting oil from the Helichrysum Italicum herb. This herb originates in France. Though it is a very expensive herb but it is considered to be immortal oil. This oil is very rare to found but provides innumerable benefits to the body. In this article we will look at fifteen amazing health benefits of Helichrysum essential oil.

Here Are The 12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Helichrysum Essential Oil:


This is one of the most essential and life sustaining properties of Helichrysum essential oil. Clotting results into haemorrhage but the remarkable anticoagulant property of this oil helps in preventing and treating blood clots efficiently and quickly.

Red blood cells

Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels

Consumption of Helichrysum essential oil is an amazing remedy for people who are suffering from the issues of high cholesterol and thickening of blood that can result into heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, blood pressure problems etc.


Nerve Tonic

Helichrysum essential oil acts as a wonderful nerve tonic that enhances the working abilities of the nervous system. It also protects the brain cells from various types of disorders. This oil acts as a beneficial nervine that has the power to reduce stress levels, depression and anxiety in a person.


Antispasmodic Action

Spasms can results into occurrence of various difficult health conditions such as cramps, muscular pain, intestinal and respiratory disorders such as breathlessness. Helichrysum essential oil works as an effective antispasmodic that provides long lasting and quick relief from spasms.

Nerve pain

Antimicrobial Qualities

Helichrysum essential oil possess effective germicidal qualities that powerfully fights against disease causing virus, bacterial and microbes and gives you relief from a host of infections.

Bacterial infections

Effective Fungicidal

Helichrysum essential oil inhibits the growth of diseases caused by fungus. It cures infections such as fever, fungal disease and ringworm that result in major complications.

Treats Ringworms

Treats Fever

Fever is a body’s reaction to supress the destructive action of foreign element in the body. All the antibodies of the body works towards eliminating the harmful element of the body and so the temperature of the body increases. This gives rise to fever. Helichrysum essential oil acts an effective anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antimicrobial agent that acts as a febrifuge that prevents fever and sudden increase in body’s temperature.


Makes Skin Soft

Helichrysum essential oil is a wonder product for your skin that makes it soft and supple. This oil is known to have emollient properties that lock moisture in the skin that makes it hydrated. This makes it very powerful for dry and chapped skin.

Skin Elasticity

Clears Congestion In Respiratory Tract

Research shows that Helichrysum essential oil clear congestion and mucus build up in the respiratory tract. It has got incredible expectorant properties that throws out excess of phlegm deposits out of the body and thereby cures sinus, cold and cough. Add few drops of this oil in the boiling water and inhale the steam. This will clear your lungs and respiratory tract and make it free of phlegm easily and naturally.

Improves Respiration

Diuretic Agent

Oil extracted from Helichrysum herb works as a highly active diuretic. It not only stimulates urination but also causes perspiration. This leads to elimination of excess salts, toxins and uric acid from the body. Urination also reduces blood pressure and fat in the body. This unique action improves the capabilities of kidneys also.

Kidney disease


Helichrysum essential oil is known to be a cholagogue. This makes it immensely useful to discharge very effective fluid “bile” in the stomach, supports digestion and neutralizes acid.

Improves Digestion

Fights Aging Signs

Helichrysum essential oil is used as a treatment for wide range of skin problems and premature skin aging such as lightening scars, spots, fine lines, dark circles, skin pigmentation, wrinkles and skin damage due to oxidation. External application of Helichrysum oil also imparts a natural radiance to the skin, aids in multiplication of collagen and regeneration of skin cells.


If you have been suffering from any of the below mentioned illness then start consuming Helichrysum essential oil to help alleviate the difficulties associated with these health problems.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.