12 Amazing Benefits Of Calendula Herb For Skin, Hair And Health

The versatile herb which has been used for its culinary, cosmetic and medicinal qualities and as a dye is calendula. Traditionally, this herb has been used for healing ulcers, menstrual cramps, and upset stomachs. Although this herb is native to the Mediterranean region, it is now grown across the world. Every part of the calendula herb has the useful purpose. This herb is used as a dye for fabrics. This herb is also an alternative to saffron for food coloring. The petals of this herb are used as the hair rinse. An aromatic tea can also be made from the petals of the calendula herb. The calendula oil is used in perfumes. This fantastic herb contains many hair, health and skin benefits which we are going to share in this article.

Skin Benefits Of Calendula Herb

1. Heals Insect Bites And Wounds

Calendula, which is also known as marigold has been extensively used for healing minor wounds, burns, bee stings, warts, sun burn, and skin infections. In fact, calendula is one of the traditional herbs used for managing chronic skin problems.[1] The dried petals of the calendula herb are used in ointments, washes and tinctures for healing cuts, bruises, burns and minor infections of the skin.

Heals Insect Bites And Wounds

2. Acne

The redness and inflammation which are associated with acne can be well handled with the help of calendula herb. This herb is actually an age-old herbal remedy for managing the inflamed skin.[2] The antibacterial properties of the calendula herb work wonder in clearing the acne causing bacteria.


3. Good For Dry Skin

Calendula herb works great in reducing the skin dryness. Ointment which is made with the dried petals of the calendula works great on the dry skin.[3] This ointment can also be used on the skin irritations, chapped lips, rashes, and scars etc. But, note that you should not apply the calendula ointment on the open wounds.

Good For Dry Skin

Hair Benefits Of Calendula Herb

4. Keeps Away Dandruff

Dandruff, a scalp disorder can be easily managed with the help of calendula herb. By hydrating the scalp, it reduces the trouble of dandruff.[4] This herb has the mild astringent quality. When the calendula flowers are used in an infusion, it can be effective in clearing the issue of dandruff.

5. Reduces Scalp Infections

Calendula is very effective in clearing scalp infections.[5] This herb works as the moisturizer. By working as the moisturizer, this herb works wonders in softening scalp and hair as well. By reducing the scalp infections, calendula makes your hair healthy.

Reduces Scalp Infections

6. Diminishes Hair Loss

Topically, calendula herb has myriad uses. And giving you relief from hair loss is one among them.[6] Calendula when used as the hair rinse, gives you relief from not only dandruff and scalp irritation but also keeps the problem of hair loss at bay. Thus, calendula promotes the healthy and voluminous hair.

Diminishes Hair Loss

Health Benefits Of Calendula Herb

7. Improves Oral Health

Calendula is highly known to be beneficial in improving the health of your mouth as well. Calendula tincture can be used as a mouth rinse for dealing with red, irritated gums, pyorrhea, and gingivitis.[7] Tea made up of calendula acts as an aid in healing mouth tissues after oral surgery. This tea is highly helpful in healing mouth ulcers and sore throat as well. Just gargle and rinse.

Improves Oral Health

8. Soothes Sore Throat

You can use calendula for soothing sore throat also.[8] For this, you can use calendula tea for gargling. You can also consume calendula tea for managing sore throat. Both these remedies work wonder in giving you relief from the problem of indigestion also.

Soothes Sore Throat

9. Manages Varicose Veins

The topical application of the calendula ointment is recommended for managing the issue of varicose veins. Apply calendula ointment for two times in a day.[9] Do not massage or rub the calendula ointment into the affected areas so as to avoid the damaging fragile veins. Instead, smooth over the area.

Manages Varicose Veins

10. Stimulates The Digestive Organs

Calendula is highly effective in stimulating the digestive organs. You can make a strong calendula tea by steeping one tablespoons of the dried herb in one cup of hot water for 15 minutes. Instead of dried calendula herb, you can use the two tablespoons of fresh calendula herb also.[10] You can add peppermint for the digestive kick. This bitter tea makes assimilation and digestion so much better. Consume the calendula tea after the thirty minutes of your meal if you feel sluggish, indulged, grumpy or bloated. Or else, you can intake this tea before twenty minutes of your meal.

Stimulates The Digestive Organs

11. Relieves From Fever And Colds

This wonderful herb relieves you from fever and colds. This herb has a strong sweat inducing effect. With the help of this effect, this herb works wonders in giving you relief from fever and colds.[11] Consume calendula tea for gaining relief from fevers and colds.

Relieves From Fever And Colds

12. Heals Calluses And Corns

In order to gain relief from calluses and corns, you are recommended to apply calendula tea on them. Calendula tea consists of medicinal components that have the capability in dissolving the corns and calluses.[12] These components are very effective in promoting the formation of the new skin cells also.

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