10 Yoga Poses To Stay Fit

stay fit

Yoga is gaining a lot of craze these days as it is available free of cost and can assure you of some of the best results that cannot be achieved after spending huge money. Health problems are multiplying at a very faster rate and hence must be cure on time. Modern day medications are posing threat to the human body due to the type of side effects they are associated with. It has thus become very important for practicing a good method that is natural and effective at the same moment. Yoga is one such practice that can be easily done at home and there are no side effects of it. They must be done on regular basis to stay fit and avoid all kinds of health issues.

Here Are 10 Yoga Poses To Stay Fit

Lotus Position

This form of yoga should be done at the beginning of all yoga as it prepares the entire body to start concentrating and prepare the mind to accept all types of changes. Sit down silently on the ground with a straight and erect posture. Your spine position should be full straight. Cross both the legs and maintain the state of meditation. Close the eyes and start meditating.


Seated Forward Bend

This form of yoga must be done on regular basis to stay fit and provide a relaxing effect to the entire body. Sit down silently on the ground with your both legs parallel to the ground. Maintain 90 degree angle between legs and spine. Now bend in the forward downward direction. Touch the upper part of the feet with your hands. Try doing this yoga to extract best benefits.


Head-To-Knee Pose

Head-to-Knee Pose is done to provide relaxing effect and better sleep during night time. It is a very easy form of yoga and is practiced by sitting on the ground. Sit on the ground and try to stretch one of the legs. Try to bend the other leg and touch the upper part of the feet to abdomen part. Try to inhale and raise both of your hands in upward direction. Try to bend in one direction.

janu sirsasana

Wind-Relieving Pose

It is done in order to stay fit and get rid from the problem of bloating. Simply lie down on the back portion with your face towards the sky. Try slowly to raise both of the legs and try to touch the thighs on the stomach area. Cross the thighs with your hands and be in the same pose for some time. Hold on the breathe and then release it after six seconds.

Wind-relieving Pose

Bent Keen Trunk Pose

It is easy to practice at home. Sit on the ground and stretch one of the leg in front direction so that the leg is in parallel to the ground. Now bend the other leg and touch the feet to the abdomen area. Now bend down your body and touch the head to the knee of the stretched leg. This is quite interesting to practice and must be done on regular basis.

bent keen

Cobbler Pose

Cobbler pose is mainly done to provide some sort of practice to the hips and thighs. It helps to provide slim thigh. Try to sit silently on yoga pose and touch the upper part of the feet to the abdomen area. Now use your hands to catch the respective feet and sit like cobbler. You can move the thighs in up and down direction for some time.

Cobbler Pose

Bow Pose

Bow pose is also challenging pose as it provides desired types of results. This pose includes style that resembles to that of the bow. Simply lie down on the ground with your belly touching the ground. Now lift both of the legs in opposite upward direction. Take both of your hands in backward direction. Make sure to catch the feet with your hands and make the pose of a bow.

Bow Pose

Child Pose

Child pose is simply sitting like child. Sit on the ground and make sure that your thighs are under your hips. Now bend the body in forward downward direction and thereby touching the head to the ground. Take the hand in backward direction.

child pose

Stand Forward Bend

This includes bending the entire body in forward direction. Stand with your feet touching each other. Now raise your both hands in upward direction and try to bring down the hands together and touch the feet. Bend down your body and touch the head part to the knees. It helps to provide relaxation remedies.

Standing Forward Bend

Plow Pose

Plow pose is done by lifting the lower part of the body in upward direction. Lie down on the ground in upward direction. Now slowly lift the thigh part and leg in backward upward position. Make sure to maintain the position of the head. Keep the shoulders parallel on the ground.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.