10 Superfoods For Summer

Superfoods For Summer

Summers are a wonderful time to have fun with your kids and family. However, you feel tired and get dehydrated soon due to excessive heat. To get rid of all the health issues such as fatigue, dehydration, digestive problems, sunburns etc. you need to make necessary dietary changes. So, include these top 10 super foods to your diet and enjoy the hot summers in a cool way.

Here Are The 10 Superfoods For Summer:


The first fruit we remind every summer is the delicious mangoes. This superfood is loaded with all the essential nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, antioxidants and other flavonoids. Mangoes aid in digestion and are also good for the heart. A cup of delectable mango chunks will reduce the risks of cancers as well, says nutritionist. Mangoes are good for your skin as well.



Cucumber contains good amounts of water in it and helps in keeping your body hydrated this summer. Not only it helps flush out toxins from your body but also prevents water retention. Include it in your salad or have a glass of cucumber juice.



Watermelon contains around 92% water and has a palatable taste. They are loaded with healthy digestive enzymes, antioxidants and can make you feel full for a longer time. Include it in your diet to keep your body hydrated this summer.



It belongs to the berry family and is one of the amazing sources of antioxidants. They contain anti-carcinogenic properties along with ellagic acid and have low sugar content. Include it in your fruit salad and enjoy its delectable taste.

Black Raspberries


Tomatoes are loaded with antioxidants and help protect skin from the damaging sun rays. It contains lycopene which is considered good for the health. It is one such healthiest food blessed with all essential minerals and vitamins. Tomatoes help in stabilizing blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol.



Corn contains zeaxanthin and lutein. These two antioxidants help protect skin from the damaging UV rays. A bowl of corn can provide your body with essential vitamins such as vitamin B, folate, and thiamine.



Oranges are loaded with vitamin C and are considered good for your skin as well. Consumed in the form of juice or eaten raw, orange is considered good for your overall health, particularly in summers. Orange is a powerhouse of nutrients and can provide energy to your body.



It is a kind of summer squash and a perfect food to include in your diet this summer. It contains folate, vitamin B6, potassium, Vitamin C etc. and helps lower the risks of some forms of cancer as well. Our body will easily absorb all the beneficial antioxidants in it after eating cooked zucchini.



Figs are known for a delectable taste and are often found in markets during the summer. It contains calcium, fiber, iron, potassium and antioxidants as well. Include this super food in your summer diet and reap the best out of it.



Make a cool summer drink using yogurt to cool down your stress in this summer heat. You can also prepare a fruit salad by including several fruits in yogurt. Yogurt is good in probiotics and can help provide good bacteria to your intestine. Yogurt contains proteins as well as calcium and works excellent in treating digestive problems this summer. Not only it has numerable health benefits, yogurt also does great wonders on the skin.


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