10 Mouthwatering Foods You Should Definitely Avoid


Taking a healthy diet consisting of nutritious foods is very important for our health. The trend of eating fast foods and processed foods is increasing today. People love to eat readymade foods bought from restaurants and food shops. Those who lead a busy life like to eat packaged foods and ready to eat meals. All these types of foods are very unhealthy as it contains salt, sugar and fats. Junk foods and snacks contain very high calories that cause obesity and other conditions. We will tell you about some tasty foods that are actually harmful for health.

Following Are The 10 Mouthwatering Foods You Should Definitely Avoid

Ice Cream

We all are fond of eating ice cream during the hot summer days. It is a very unhealthy food due to its high fat content. The fat in ice cream is unhealthy fats that cause health problems. Thus, you should avoid eating ice cream even though you may be tempted by its taste.

Ice cream

Silk Chocolate Pie

People who like to eat chocolate love to have silk chocolate pie. It is not a healthy dish for you as it contains whipped cream, which has lot of fat and calories. Chocolate is also high calorie and fatty ingredient of this dish. Avoid eating this pie.

chocolate pie

Premade Smoothies

Premade smoothies seem to be very tasty but it contains high amount of sugar in it. Don’t buy premade smoothies. Instead of buying readymade smoothies from restaurants, you should prepare homemade smoothies using healthy ingredients like yogurt and fruits.


Tinned Foods

Tinned foods are packed in cans in an unhealthy way. Chemicals and preservatives are added to these foods to store it for a long time. Since these ingredients are harmful for health, you should avoid eating tinned foods. Don’t buy canned foods from the market.


Sugary Foods

Sugary foods like desserts, puddings and chocolate can be harmful. The high sugar content of these foods increases the risk of diabetes and other health problems. Don’t eat candies, cakes and pastries. Take low sugar foods for preventing diseases.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Canned Soup

Ready to eat canned soup is not good for health although it is very tasty. The soup contains high amounts of salt, which can cause hypertension and other health problems. Instead of taking canned soup, you should drink fresh homemade soups made with less salt.



Chips are the most popular but unhealthy snacks loved by people all over the world. Since it is made by deep frying, chips contain lot of fat and calories. Don’t eat potato or corn chips. Eat baked chips instead of taking fried chips.



Hamburger is a favorite fast food especially for kids and young people. It has very high amounts of fat and calories in it. If the hamburger is made of unhealthy meats like bacon, it can be very harmful for your health. You should avoid hamburger as it has saturated fats in it.


Starbucks Coffee Drinks

The Starbucks coffee drinks are loaded with sugar and fat. The coffee drinks are made with whipped cream and it increases the calorie content of these drinks. The coffee contains saturated fat so it is unhealthy. Stay away from mocha and other types of Starbucks coffee drinks.


Street Foods

Street foods bought from shops in the open street and roadside stalls are very bad for health. These foods are prepared in unhygienic conditions and there is risk of infection on eating such foods. Thus, you should avoid eating street foods and snacks.

street foods

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