10 Magnesium Rich Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Magnesium Rich Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Magnesium is a super healthy element which must be consumed for better body and health. Magnesium can improve regeneration of the cells and also can get your body healthy ay by dat. Generally 400mg of magnesium intake would keep your body active, healthy ad fit. For metabolism, digestion, blood circulation, blood pressure maintenance, for improving the nervous functions and much more bodily processes, you would require magnesium. Also the magnesium deficiencies would cause you various health risks and disease. Diabetes, heart issues, mental illnesses and such other disease are the impact of magnesium deficiency. Thus, you need to consume rich amount of magnesium to fight such disease and to stay healthy. Here are some amazing super foods which are high in magnesium and would get you a fit and healthy body!

1. Spinach

This amazing and cool super food is truly a healthy option to grab every day. There are numerous benefits of eating this magnesium rich super food. Filled with 157 mg of magnesium in small bowl, this food would surely get you enough magnesium and a healthy life style.[1] Consume spinach and improve your nervous, digestive and various other body processes soon!


2. Yogurt

This amazing and delicious food option is such a treat! This anti biotic rich food with numerous health benefits would get you a lot of magnesium for your daily food intake.[2] Just a cup of yogurt would simply get you enough magnesium to fulfill your requirements. You can complement this food with fruits and delicious options to make you meals more interesting and healthy!

3. Dark Chocolate

We don’t eat this food daily but once a while, munch on this amazing sweet to get handful of magnesium. Dark chocolate is extremely amazing for stress, anxiety and conditions.[3] Just a simple cube of dark chocolate would fill you with around 100 mg of magnesium which is extremely satisfying. Try this amazing food and get a healthy option for magnesium intake!

4. Bananas

We love this amazing fruit which can get you nourished with magnesium content. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious food which can fight magnesium deficiencies, get you instant energy and numerous minerals altogether, try eating bananas.[4] This rich food with magnesium would surely get you handsome amount of magnesium each session!


5. Nuts

What can be more healthy and nourishing than nuts to get a cool amount of magnesium? Instead of the junk food to curb your hunger, you can consommé nuts as a healthy option to get magnesium.[5] Nuts are rich source of magnesium which would simply fill you with nutrients and would also get your body a healthy snack option!


6. Tofu

This amazing ingredient is such a healthy and delicious option you can try for rich intake of magnesium.[6] Tofu is filled with minerals and nutrients which consist of protein and magnesium in high quantity. Along with protein and magnesium, it gives your body a cool amount of iron and calcium which is such an added advantage!


7. Legumes

If you love the amazing legumes like chick peas, soya chunks and such delicious options, you can get a rich amount of magnesium from them.[7] With magnesium, protein, iron and such amazing minerals these foods would fill your body with nutrients and get you healthy. Reducing the cholesterol levels and improving various bodily processes, these ingredients would imply work miracles for your body!


8. Avocadoes

If you love to complement your toast and various foods with avocadoes, you would love to know that avocadoes are a rich source of magnesium which would contribute in keeping your healthy! A little avocado solely can get you around 50mg of magnesium which is quite a good amount for your body.[8] This food would keep you healthy and immensely strong while feeding your body with rich minerals.


9. Almonds

We love this delicious and crunchy nut which would simply make our day. Munching on this amazing dry fruit would enrich your body with magnesium and fill it with nutrients.[9] It is such an amazing food which can get your body nutrients like magnesium, protein, iron and much more. Consume almonds on daily basis to get enough amounts of nutrients and specially magnesium which can help in fighting various diseases!


10. Flaxseeds

These amazing seeds are awesome when it comes to health and body. Magnesium is completely filled in this amazing seeds which would get you handful amount of various nutrients.[10] Improve your heart, and reduce the cholesterol levels with this cool ingredient and get numerous benefits out of this super food. Thus this is an amazing option to try for magnesium content!

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