10 Home Remedies For Burnt Tongues

Home Remedies For Burnt Tongues

Who wouldn’t love hot and spicy food? Some dishes even come with the tag line that it is best served when hot. However if the food is one among your favorites and you jump at it the moment it’s served, you have high risks of burning your tongue. This has happened to all of us one or the other time and isn’t a onetime experience. The burned tongue can cause lot of discomfort while having food and leave you in pain. But that doesn’t stop us from risking it, does it? So we better be aware of instant home remedies that can soothe the burnt tongue and lower the damage caused. A lot has been discussed over the causes and effects of the burnt tongue. Its time we learn how to fight against it!

Here Are The 10 Home Remedies For Burnt Tongues:

Ice Cubes To The Rescue

I know there’s no need of mentioning this at all as this is the most obvious and the most sought out method for the burnt tongue. But I’m just being informative. You could take a small ice cube and gently place it on your burnt tongue. You could also choose to lick it in slowly. But make sure you don’t vigorously rub off the ice as that might only increase the damage. Once you are done with this remedy, it gives you the best feel in the world (only after you have had a burnt tongue).

Ice Cubes To The Rescue

Run For The Sugar

Sugar is by far the most commonly administered medicine for a burnt tongue. The fact that it is sweet and soothing makes it more efficient. The moment you’ve had a burnt tongue dash for the sugar bowl and take a spoon of it into your mouth. Don’t grind it or chew it but just keep it there. Let the sugar cubes melt on your burnt tongue and the rest is magic!

Sugar (2)

All Hail The Honey

Yep, hail for the queen bees as they are the rescue squad. I mean the honey that they provide is the rescue path. Honey is completely organic and nature couldn’t have provided us with a better medicine. Honey also has the abilities to kill oral bacterias. Hence savouring honey while you’ve had a burnt tongue will not only soothe your tongue but also contributes to your oral hygiene.

Honey (2)

Gum On

Chewing gums while you are suffering from a burnt tongue can prove to be very good for you. While chewing on the gum your mouth salivates and the dryness of your tongue is extinguished. You could also prefer mint or menthol flavored gums which gives a soothing effect to the burnt areas and can also help youfrom having bitter taste.

chewing gum

Baking Soda Remedy

Okay I agree this is not quite normal but mixing the soda in water and gargling with the solution can help you a lot. The alkaline solution can neutralize the acidic contents in your mouth thereby curing the problem.

Baking Soda


Glycerin is a multitasking solution. It can deal with bitter taste, dry mouth and also the burnt tongue. All you’ve to do is apply glycerin on the insides of your mouth.


Essential Oil

Essential oils can provide a soothing effect to the tongues and can also deal with inflammation. All you’ve got to do is smear some oil on the burnt tongue and let it do it’s job!

Essential Oils

Consume Less Spicy Food

Once you’ve had a burnt tongue, it is not quite wise to consume spicy food just to enhance the burning sensation. I’d personally recommend you to avoid it.


Fruit Juices

Fruit juices when drank cold can do wonders on the burnt tongue. They treat the Burns with sweetness and also prove to be nutritious to your body.

Fruit juice

Consume Meat

Consumption of meat can provide you the much needed vitamin B12 which is discussed as one of the causes for burnt tongues. Chicken is best advised for the mission!

Lean Meats and Fishes

Well now you know everything you need to know to treat a burnt tongue!!!

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.