10 Herbal Remedies For Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a situation when white patches develop on the skin. This illness can be cured with the use of herbal remedies. As herbs never leave any fallout so it is always safe to get cured with herbs. Moreover, herbal treatment is inexpensive too.


Effective Herbal Remedies For Vitiligo


Turmeric is very effective for the treatment of vitiligo. Paste formed by the mixture of turmeric and mustard oil must be applied to the patchy areas regularly. You can prepare the mixture by adding 250 milliliters of mustard oil into five teaspoons of turmeric powder. Stir the mixture well to make a paste. This paste must be applied for ten minutes. For effective results, use this remedy for a year.


Basil leaves

Cut the basil leaves into pieces and put in a small dish, then add a few drops of lime juice and two drops of tea tree oil to make a paste. Keep this paste for nightlong. Later, apply three times a day for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry.

basil leaves


It is also very effective to cure illness of vitiligo. Applying Calendula educed from a marigold-like flower, number of times in a day to the affected areas, certainly you will find a positive effect.


Wild Duckweed

Duckweed is also known as Lemna minor, which originates in summer season. It is also helpful in gaining pigment back in case of pigment loss, which causes white spots to appear on the skin. First, wash out the duckweed properly and then grind it to form a paste. Add honey into the part of this paste. Consume one teaspoon of this mixture after a meal. Take two times in a day.

Wild Duckweed

Corylifolia (Babchi)

Moreover, Babchi is also highly effective for herbal treatment of vitiligo. Make a paste with the seeds of Babchi and apply to the patchy areas of the skin. After applying the paste expose the affected portion of the skin to the sunlight early morning for 20 minutes. Aas Khella is implicated so it should be taken every day to cure vitiligo.


Red Clay

An intermixture of ginger juice and red clay can also return pigmentation. You need to mix one proportion of red clay with one proportion of ginger juice; apply the mixture on affected areas of skin in routine. To prepare the mixture, you must take an equal proportion of both.

Red Clay

Radish Seeds

Radish seeds actively fight for vitiligo. Make powder of radish seeds and intermix two teaspoons of vinegar into it. Stir the mixture to form a paste. Apply this paste on patchy portion of the skin. It will leave soothing results.

raddish seeds

Picorrhiza Kurroa

This is an Ayurvedic herb and is very effective in the treatment of vitiligo. This herb contains benefiting immune modulating properties, which are used with other treatments for vitiligo and can provide benefits.

Picorrhiza Kurroa

Psoralea Cordyfolia

It is a Chinese herb, which is applied to the patchy area of skin in order to cure vitiligo. This herb also creates psoralen, a chemical composite that works well with ultra-violet A to cure vitiligo in a great manner.

Psoralea Cordyfolia

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

The extract of Ginkgo biloba springs up from the ginkgo tree, and is one of the best oldest trees kind on earth. The extract of Ginkgo biloba induces blood circulation and is capable of enriching all cells as well as those of your skin.

Moreover, it also includes antioxidants that assist to root out free radicals that can damage skin cells. Though vitiligo is the effect of cells that stops producing melanin, but ginkgo biloba extract can fight this disease by repairing full functionality to cells.

ginkgo biloba

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.