10 Heavenly Home Remedies For Arthritis

To be in pain all your life is a difficult situation. When one is faced with the fact that there is no cure for this condition, it becomes all the more difficult to digest. Arthritis is a painful condition which affects the young and the old alike. Mostly associated with old age, it can be severely debilitating if left untreated.


Arthritis surfaces when the joints star degenerating and the protective covering between the joints get damage causing excruciating pain while you move. Though not a condition that can threaten your life, arthritis can cause a major negative impact on your life as you are left with feeling helpless for doing even day to day routine tasks.

Thankfully, even though arthritis cannot be cure completely, there are a number of ways by which you can control the diseases and arrest the degeneration of the joints. Treatment options include medications, surgery, exercise and physiotherapy. However, it is also a good idea to explore natural cures that exist for arthritic conditions before you move on to other serious option.

Home Remedies for Arthritis

1. Treat Arthritis With Potato Juice

Touted as one of the most successful treatment method for arthritis, studies have suggested that raw potato juice contains many nutrients and enzymes that can reverse joint related problems. For making potato juice that can put your arthritis on a back track, take a medium sized potato and cut it into small pieces without removing the peel of the potato.

Soak them in drinking water overnight. In the morning, drink this juice empty stomach. Continue this treatment diligently every day and you will surely feel the difference within a month. You can also extract the juice of a potato and mix it with a glass of water. As potato juice is not one of the tastiest juices around, you could think of adding some honey or other juices along with it to make it more appetising.

Potato Juice

2. Drink Raw Juices to Remove Arthritis

Raw juices are said to remove the deposits that are accumulated around the joints. The alkaline nature of raw juices is what does the trick in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis.  Take any green leafy vegetable like spinach or coriander and extract the juice from it. Add equal quantities of carrot juice, celery juice and red beet juice along with this and consume in the morning.

Pineapple juice has good anti inflammatory properties which helps in reducing the swelling and related pain associated with arthritis. Thus taking a glass of pineapple juice every day will also give great results to remove arthritic pain and swelling.

Raw Juice

3. Treat Arthritis With Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds is known to relive arthritic pain and prevent the dryness caused in joints. This is why sesame seeds are good for arthritis. Take on teaspoon of black sesame seeds and soak them in one cup of water. Leave it overnight for the copper and other nutrients to get absorbed in the water. Drink it empty stomach in the morning. It is good for facilitating pain relief and reducing the symptoms of arthritis with constant use.3

Sesame Seeds

4. Arthritis Treatment With Copper

We already know that copper can facilitate relief for arthritis.  To enjoy the abundant benefits of copper on arthritis, take a copper vessel and fill it with water. Leave it overnight and drink it in the morning. The water that contains copper in small amounts will help in strengthening the muscular system of arthritis patients. You can also use a copper bracelet or a ring to get the same benefits.


5. Calcium to Alleviate Arthritic Pain and Swelling

Calcium and joints have had a long relation since time immemorial. Calcium is essential for joint health and hence very essential for treating arthritis. Calcium in the form of calcium lactate must be taken three times every day in quantities of 400 mg every day. The treatment must be continued for at least 4-5 months for best results.


6. Garlic too Can be Used for Arthritis

The anti inflammatory property of garlic is what makes it a good herbal medicine for treating arthritis. Garlic can be added in abundance in your diet. There are many benefits of consuming 3-4 cloves of raw garlic every day, including relief from arthritic pain and inflammation.


7. Why not Use Bananas too for Arthritis

Deficiency of vitamin B6 is one reason that is associated with arthritis. Being a rich source of vitamin B6 bananas are very good for patients suffering from arthritis. Include as many bananas as you can in your diet to control the symptoms. During flare ups, you can put yourself in a banana diet by eating 9-10 bananas a day. This will immediately reduce the symptoms and remove pain.


8. Lime for Treating Arthritis

Lime being a source of citric acid, can remove pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis caused by deposits of uric acid in the bones. Juice of one lime can be mixed with water and taken every day morning to enjoy its properties.


9. Green Gram for Removing Arthritis

A soup made out of green gram can be consumed for relief from arthritis pain. Take one tablespoon of green gram powder and mix it with water. Take two cloves of garlic and crush it along with this. You can use this two times a day for relief from pain and also for alleviating the symptoms.

Green Gram

10. Mustard Oil and Camphor Treatment for Arthritis

Camphor can increase the circulation of blood and is capable of removing inflammation. It imparts a certain numbness to the nerves, giving instant pain relief. For enjoying the benefits of camphor, 3 three pieces of camphor and add it to some mustard oil that is warmed. Massage this into the inflamed joints thoroughly. The massaging action will generate heat and provide relief to the symptoms of arthritis.

While trying these home remedies, you can also include raw vegetable juices in the diet to keep the blood alkaline. Fresh fruits and vegetables, mostly in its raw form are recommended for arthritis patients in order t control episodes of flare ups.

Mustard Campor

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.