10 Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Love handles are not actually as lovely and attractive as their name! For women who always ream to have a gorgeous and stunning figure, the love handles are simply irritating and not so cool! Gone are the days when just the celebrities and models looked amazing with toned bodies. Nowadays, every woman wants a cool and breath taking body which can make anybody go gaga over them! Every woman wants a perfectly sculpted body and also never fails to dedicate a lot of time for fitness! For such women who are confident, modern, cool and love their bodies, here is an amazing and fun workout session which would simply make the love handles get faded! These flawless workouts are sculpted to get you flawless body! Go for these easy, high impact and reshaping workouts which would never fail to amaze you with dazzling results!

1. Russian Twists

If you want to simply focus over the sides and the love handles, this is one of the most impact full workouts which can get you cool results. Russian twists along with dumbbells would shape and redefine your sides and make them toned! If you want to get rid of the love handles fast, go for this cool workout which can melt down all the fat on your love handles and make your waist look adorable.

Russian Twists

2. Side Planks

Side planks are cool workouts for the sides, waist, and abs and for the arms too. If you have the muffin top and love handles, this cool workout would simple tone your body making it more chiseled and sharp. Perform the high intensity side planks regularly and melt all the unwanted fat from your sides for a jaw dropping body!

Side Planks

3. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are such fun workouts which you can make your body look gorgeous! From toning your legs, hips and thighs to sculpting your abs, sides and waistline, this workout can do anything and everything! If you want to melt all the fat stored on your sides and waist, go for this stunning workout and you would simply fall in love with this workout!

Bicycle Crunches

4. Oblique Twists

The oblique twists and one of the most widely preferred workouts for fighting the love handles and muffin top issues. The twist workouts work wonders on the sides and apply pressure on the targeted areas and lowers fat. Including this amazing workout in your regime would get you amazing benefits and make your body perfectly chiseled and toned!

Oblique Twists

5. Burpees

If you want a cool high intensity workout which gets your heart beats raised, this is the one you can go for! Burpees are high intensity workouts which would burn a lot of calories and fat and would make your body look fab! Burpees would benefit your arms, abs, legs, waist and surely the love handles which would soon get disappeared!


6. Barbell Squats

Squats are amazing workouts which can get you multiple benefits. If you want to target you sides, muffin top and love handles specifically, go for this amazing workout which would get you cool results. Add a barbell in your squats and get some more benefits and advantages. The barbell squats would burn all the fat in your waist and surroundings and would make it look awesome!

Barbell Squats

7. Toe Touches

This amazing workout which would get you a proper stretch would also get you more flexible and stronger day by day. If you want a workout which can get you cool flexibility along with disappeared fat from your body you must try this awesome and redefining workout which gets you all! Sleeping toe touches would melt the fat on your sides and waist and would get your body in perfect shape!

Toe Touches

8. Reverse Lunges

Lunges are one of the most happening and multitasking workouts which has numerous benefits. From legs to the entire lower and middle body, this cool workout would make your body look flawless! Reverse lunges specially target the love handles and burns all the fat down there! Go for this workout if you want a toned and dazzling posture!

Reverse Lunges

9. Pull Ups

This coo and tough body workout is also amazing option if you want a stunning body! This amazing workout would melt down the fat on your arms, sides, and abdomen and would make you look enviable! With high pressure on all these portions, this workout simply would make get you great body and melt down all the fat in just a short span of time!

Pull Ups

10. Side Bends

Side bends along with dumbbells would get cool and amazing impact on your love handles. Go for this strength and weighted workout option which would never fail to make your body look flawless and adorable. Side bends would burn the fat over your waist and sides and would make you look enviable in those prefect fitted jeans and bodycons!

Side Bends

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