10 Easy 5 Minutes Face Masks For Busy Women

10 Easy 5 Minutes Face Masks For Busy Women

In today’s hectic and busy life, it is quite impossible to take out some time for the daily skin and health care regime. There are numerous ways through which you can get beautiful skin but we do not have enough time for using various methods which can make the skin look glowing and stunning! Gone are the days when women were just left free to care for their skin and to enhance the beauty! Nowadays women are working and just like men, it is very hard for them to take out some free time. Also with work, you need to care for your beauty and skin and get some cool ways which can work miracles on your skin in a short time. If you do not have enough time to make your skin look flawless and gorgeous, you can select these cool and stunning 5 minutes face masks which can brighten your skin amazingly!

1. Sugar Water

Sugar is an amazing ingredient which would simply never fail to get quick and stunning results. This is a cool 5 minute mask which can make your skin smooth and glorious. You can as some sugar, lemon juice and little water and apply this nourishing and cleansing mask on your face. This would simply make your skin super smooth and flawless and get glorious results. Also rinse while massaging it as a scrub and get gorgeous skin!

Sugar Water

2. Clay Mask

Clay is a natural and beautiful ingredient which can make your skin super smooth, glowing and refreshing. Apply clay mask on your face which would get you a soothing feel with a freshness clay works miracles on greasy and impaired skin and would make your skin rejuvenated beautifully. Try this mask and get awesome results soon!

Clay Mask

3. Honey

Honey is an ingredient which can get you dazzling results in just 5 minutes. If you just have little time for making your skin look bright and glorious. Apply honey on your skin, let it work for 5 minutes and rinse with Luke warm water. This would get you freshness and a glossy glow you never ever had before!


4. Cucumber

Cucumber is a refreshing and soothing agent which would fight tiredness and dullness and would make your skin glow! Crush some cucumber and prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste evenly on your face and watch the results! Your dark skin would get eliminated and it will glow with shine! Try this simple and amazing remedy for gorgeous skin in just 5 minutes!


5. Aloe Vera Gel Mask

If you want a cooling and refreshing mask which can get you multiple benefits for skin issues like skin aging, pigmentation, dullness, dryness and much more, you can try using aloe Vera gel and get flourishing results. Apply fresh aloe Vera gel on your face an you would feel awesome and rejuvenated soon!

Aloe Vera Gel Mask

6. Egg Mask

Eggs are \quick and superb ingredients which can make your skin fight all the dead skin cells and impurities. Apply egg mask on your skin and peel off all the issues with this dazzling mask. Apply egg mask on your skin for fighting various issues and get rejuvenated and bright skin in just few minutes!

7. Banana Oatmeal Mask

Banana mask is one of the highest impact and cool masks which can brighten, smoothen and glorify your skin. Apply this amazing mask which would nourish and rejuvenate your skin beautifully. Crush some bananas and mix oatmeal. Prepare a thick paste and apply this nourishing and super toning mask on your face for quick and enviable results!

8. Strawberry Lemon Juice Mask

If you want your skin to get fresh and nourishing as a dew drop, go for this stunning mask which can never fail to make your skin adorable brightened. Also this mask would nourish and make your skin fell stunning and youthful. Apply the strawberry and lemon juice pack on your skin for glowing results and flaunt your mesmerizing skin with proud!

Strawberry Lemon Juice Mask

9. The Hydrating Papaya Mask

Papayas are filled with amazing benefits for the skin. From sun tan to pigmented skin, from dull skin to lifeless skin, this amazing ingredient would fight all the issues and would make your skin look flawless! Apply this cool mask on your face and you would get dazzling results!

10. Turmeric Mask

Turmeric is an herbal ingredient which would never fail to make your skin glowing and blissful. Mix some turmeric powder and add little water. Apply this nourishing and quick paste on your face for glowing skin in just 5 minutes. You can add some lemon juice in this paste if you are concerned regarding coloration!

Turmeric Mask

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