10 Amazing Benefits Of Cascara Sagrada For Skin, Hair And Health

Amazing Benefits Of Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada is a native of the Pacific north west and most commonly known as natural purgative.The bark is mainly accumulated from Oregon of Washington DC and in British Colombia of Canada. It is popular not only among Native Americans, Americantribal but also in Spanish tribes. In Spanish, this name means ‘sacred bark’ because of its medicinal values and effectiveness. It is mainlya dried bark of a tall tree. The tree can grow up to 15 meters and the diameter can be of 20 to 50 cm. The bark is aged for a year to reduce its elements, since the young ones have negative effects on health. Traditionally the bark is used to restrict the habit of nail biting among kids. It is considered to be an ancient remedy for constipation. It cures liver disease and jaundice too.This ancient medicinal bark has enormous benefits whichare yet to be known to most of the people.

Here Are Few Of Its Amazing Benefits:

Constipation Cure

This herb is good for the entire digestive system. It cleans colon and solve parasitic infestation. It is the best natural medicine to cure constipation. After any major surgery patients suffer in acute constipation or elderly patients often suffer in mild to acute constipation. Cascara Sagrada can be the safest solution to these kinds of medical situations. This medicinal bark can also cure upset stomach and works as an anti-biotic for intestine. So next time if you are feeling constipated or feeling stomach achethen try this ancient tricks of Native Americans.



Cascara Sagrada is most commonly known as simple solution of Mother Nature as laxative. It is very well known for its laxative property and it helps a lot in quicker bowel movement.


Treats Gallstone

This bark improves digestion and gastrointestinal functions. However gallstone can only be treated in initial stages. People use this medicinal herb to treat gall bladder stone. Usually, makes tea with Cascara Sagradabark and drink it 2 to 3 times a day. This tea effectively increases bile secretion to drain out the stone.

Prevents gallstones

Strong Liver

If you often pop up junk foods then adding Cascara Sagrada tea in diet will be a wise decision. It keeps liver related complications away, specially enlarged liver.


Solution Of Insomnia

If you need good sleep you can try herbal tea made with Cascara Sagrada. Research shows, cascara soothes the nerves and helps to sleep well. Eventually it is beneficiary for those who suffers in insomnia.

Treats Insomnia

Prevent Cancer

From the research workit has been found that this herb contains anti-oxidants whichaid to prevent cancer. It fights with free radicals and kills cancer causing cells. Regular having tea of this sacred bark might keep the deadly disease away.


Weight Loss

Losing extra kilos is our dreams. Only a few knows that CascaraSagradacan do wonders in losing weight. So add this herb in your daily diet to get perfect body weight.

Faulty weight loss programs


Pollution and poor eating habit causesskin ageing. Cascara bark is useful in skin protection. It removes wrinkle and blemishes from the face and clears the skin. For healthy skin, it will be good to have this in your daily tea.

It worsens with age

Skin Care

Acne and patchy skin are few common complications for teenagers. Applying Cascara Sagradaon the affected areas will reduce the skin problems.

Get professional Skin Care

Hair Care

Hair fall is a most common probleminwomen. Women try lot of products to reduce the amount of hair loss. It is found that Cascara Sagradaeffects on body internally and protect scalp and hair. It reduces hair fall and prevents from other hair complications like dandruff and lice. Cascara Sagrada has some medicinal values which help to treat hair problems.

hair care

This bark is also used to dye woollen fabrics and different soothing shades like grey, brown and yellow. the demand of the Cascara Sagrada bark is high in textile industry. Thus, it is specially grown for the dying purpose only. This amazing herb is also used as flavouring agent in foods. It is mostly used in candy, frozen dairy desserts, and baked goods. The above mentioned health benefits cascara sagrada can be availed if you include it in you diet.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.