10 Alternative Workouts That Make Losing Weight Fun


Overweight people can control their weight by doing regular exercises. We all know that exercise is important for staying fit and slim. Yet most of us find excuses to miss the daily exercises. We give some or the other reason for not doing exercise. The reason behind this is that we don’t find any joy in doing exercises. The workout seems to be just another boring routine that lacks fun and enjoyment. This makes you stop the exercises with a very bad effect on weight. It is important to enjoy the workout so that you continue doing it for a long time. We will tell you about some weight loss exercises that you will enjoy.

Following Are The 10 Alternative Workouts That Make Losing Weight Fun


Walking is the easiest exercise that doesn’t need any equipment and training. Instead of sitting all day at desk or computer in the office, get up and walk for few minutes. Go for morning and evening walks in the natural surroundings outdoors.



Skipping is an enjoyable exercise that is quite effective for weight loss. It helps in making the arm muscles very strong. By skipping, you can also improve the strength of your calf and leg muscles. Give a rest of one minute between two sets of the skipping session. It is a complete body workout.


Stair Climbing

You can lose weight very easily by climbing stairs. It helps in burning fat and calories we take through food. Climb stair at home or office. Avoid taking lift in malls and other public places and take stairs instead of that.



Squatting helps in losing weight while improving the strength of muscles. Do squatting for thirty times. Stand straight and bring the body down touching the floor. Return to starting position. Take a short rest and do total three sets of squatting.


Glute Bridge

Glute bridge exercise helps in toning the muscles of buttocks, calves and hamstrings. Lie down on bed or floor. Bend the knees with feet on floor. Lift the hip area upwards to form a bridge like pose with hips and knees. Raise the leg towards chest and take it back. Return to starting position.



Zumba is an interesting form of exercise that includes aerobic exercise dong along with dance movements. It includes exercises of resistance training. When the exercises are done, music is played in the background. The music can be very fast or slow.


Belly Dancing

Abdominal fat is a big problem for many women. It is easy to fight this problem by doing belly dancing. It makes the muscles of abdominal area very strong while helping in losing the stubborn belly fat. Belly dancing also helps in fighting stress and posture problems.



Hiking in trails and parks can help in weight loss. Going outdoors in the nature is a fun way to get some exercise. Find some areas near your neighborhood where you can do hiking. Hilly areas and forests are ideal places for hiking in natural surroundings. Heart patients should avoid strenuous hiking.


Aqua Exercises

Aqua exercises are done under the water. These exercises are very good for the joints. They help in toning the muscles and fighting the problem of cellulite. Aqua exercises help in losing weight without putting pressure on the joints. It doesn’t cause dehydration as there is no sweat in these exercises.



Swimming is another water exercise that helps in losing weight in a fun way. It is a good way to cool the body in summer season. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise for weight loss. Some people enjoy playing water volleyball in the pool.


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