10 Home Remedies For Oily Face

An oily face might give a beautiful and natural shine to your skin and it is a known fact that oily skin does not age as fast as dry skin due to the excess moisture that is present on the skin that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkle lines. All these factors, though good, may not be so appealing to someone who is left with an oily face and often breaks out into acne and infections as a result of excess oil getting trapped in the pores.Oily FaceIt is important to keep the oiliness under control and keep your skin squeaky clean when you have an oily face. Here, we have gathered together some of the best home remedies for treating an oily face.

Home Remedies for Oily Face


Tomatoes have astringent properties and help in removing excess oil and dirt from the skin. Add to it the fact that tomatoes can also help lighten your skin and act as an exfoliant, then it becomes the perfect solution for your oily skin. Make a paste of ripe tomatoes and apply on the face. Allow it to remain on the face until it turns dry. The antioxidant content of tomatoes help in reversing the damage caused due to free radicals and imparts a special glow that is impressive.


Lemon juice

Rich in vitamin C and with high astringent and exfoliant capacities, lemon helps in removing excess moisture from the skin and also removes dead skin cells and grime that could have been trapped in the excess oil on the face. It makes your skin and hair visibly lighter with constant application and hence is very skin friendly.

Lemon is mostly applied with a variety of other natural skin moisturisers and oils for keeping the skin healthy. But, on its own, it is nonetheless effective and can help in leaving your skin well toned and free from blemishes and eruptions due to oiliness. Apply lemon juice every day and wash off after twenty minutes. Beware of photosensitivity after application of lemon.

Lemon Juice


Yoghurt is low in fat and its astringent qualities help it to act as a mild exfoliant and cleansing agent on the skin. Fresh and cold yoghurt can be applied on the face and left on until it becomes dry. Wash off with cold water. This is an excellent way to keep oily skin free from dirt and grime and also to control the oiliness of the skin. Yoghurt can also be mixed with fuller’s earth and applied if you have very oily face.


Apple and honey

The acidic properties of apple act as an astringent on oily skin and when mixed with honey, it will help in retaining just enough moisture so that the skin is not depleted of its natural moisture after application of apple juice. Take one full apple and peel off the skin. Add one tablespoon of honey to this and make it into a paste.

Apply on the face. This can be left for half an hour or until it becomes dry and washed off. Frequent application of apple and honey mask is an effective way to reduce the oiliness of the face and also to keep the skin free from infections, acne and pimples.

Apple and Honey

Fuller’s earth

Fuller’s earth traps dirt and grime and this is an excellent way to treat oily skin and prevent blocking of the pores. Take fuller’s earth and apply on the face and the neck. Allow it to dry. Wipe off after this. Fuller’s earth also  helps in toning the face and leaving it clear and fresh.

Fuller Earth

Clay mask

Clay masks are excellent remedies for absorbing excess oil from the skin and prevent related infections and acne outbreaks. Take equal quantities of green clay and honey and leave a thick layer on the facial skin, covering the neck as well.

Allow the mask to dry on the skin. Honey leaves just enough moisture on the skin so that it does not become completely dry after the treatment. For very oily face, the procedure can be repeated 2-3 times a day.

Clay Mask

Lemon and cucumber

Lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice has many qualities that help the skin to thrive in its goodness and glow in health. Cucumber cools the skin and removes excess moisture. Lemon exfoliates and removes blemishes, dirt and bacteria.

Both these juices also have skin lightening and cleansing properties as well and hence can be used for treating a variety of skin problems and ailments and also for protecting overall skin health. Apply a mixture of lemon and cucumber by adding equal amounts of both the juices and leave it on for twenty minutes. Do this twice a day to keep the oiliness under control.

Lemon & Cucumber

Egg white and lemon juice

Egg white too has the power to draw out excess moisture and when mixed with lemon, the properties of which we already discussed earlier, it becomes a perfect mask for your skin. Take the white of an egg and beat well until it turns frothy.

Mix the juice of half a lemon and apply on the face. Let it dry on the skin so that its toning action too can be explored along with its oil absorbing properties. Allow the mask to remain for half an hour and wash off with cold water. Avoid the skin around the eyes and lips.

Egg White & Lemon Mask

Raw papaya

A pulp made of raw papaya is very effective in removing excess oiliness and dirt from the skin and making the skin wonderfully clean and free from oiliness. Papaya softens the dead skin cells on the face and this helps in easy removal of dirt and grime.


Aloe Vera

The skin moisturizing properties of aloe gel have been praised from time immemorial.This wonderful plant moisturizes the skin in such a way that the excess oil is absorbed by the gel and it leaves just the right amount to keep your skin soft, smooth and supple, preventing any chance of oiliness and also reducing instances of acne, pimples and other skin infections and eruptions that are very common with oily skin. Apply aloe gel and let it dry. Apply as many times as needed to control the oiliness.

Aloe Vera Gel