9 Best Ways To Reduce Thyroid Induced Hair Loss

Ways To Reduce Thyroid Induced Hair Loss

Hypothyroidism is indeed a case when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce sufficient thyroid hormone and this hormone might result in several complications. Thyroid hormones are highly responsible for the maintenance of proper hair health and low amounts of this hormone can get you to face certain problems with your hair especially hair thinning. Hair thinning can be attributed to several other reasons but hypothyroidism can be considered as the most effective cause that can induce some high amount of damage to your hair. Though there are numerous remedies that are quite worthy to tackle the problems of hair fall, these cases are to specially treated in such a way that the thyroid hormone is actually produced in some high amounts and this can be the best of the available solutions that can combat all your health problems on the whole.

1. Green Tea

Green Tea can be considered as one of the most healthy supplements that can handle the problems of hypothyroidism and combat all your hair loss struggles.[1] Green tea is actually rich in amino acids that assists a lot in improving the functioning of the thyroid gland and also these amino acids also include tyrosine. Hence it is highly recommended for all the individuals suffering from the cases of hypothyroidism to intake green tea to experience some exceptional benefits and get your hair to grow well like the usual.

Green Tea

2. Coconut Oil

When you are actually suffering with some numerous hair problems and when this is all due to the low presence¬†of thyroid hormone, it is always advisable to use coconut oil in this regard as this oil is well known to handle this problem quite well. One mustn’t forget that polyunsaturated fatty acids are actually the reason behind hypothyroidism as they are famed to block the secretion of this thyroid hormone and thereby creating many sorts of hair problems.[2] On the other hand, coconut oil has some high amounts of medium chain fatty acids that are actually enough to tackle the problems of low thyroid hormone quite well and even bring your thyroid gland back to normal. Hence it is always advisable for a person to consume one tablespoon of thyroid hormone everyday to experience some better benefits. Alternatively it can also be applied to the hair for some healthy growth of hair.

Coconut Oil

3. Evening Primrose Oil

This is yet another essential oil that can be highly beneficial to the hair health especially during the cases when you get to suffer with some more hair problems during the suffering with hypothyroidism. This is due to the fact that evening primrose oil has some high amounts of gamma linoleic acid which is actually an omega 6 fatty acid. This linoleic acid is highly responsible for a healthy hair growth.[3] Another major advantage of this oil is that it stops the conversion of testosterone to DHT where this process is highly responsible to handle many of the problems on the whole. Hence it is highly recommended for all the persons suffering with the problems of thyroid induced hair loss to apply evening primrose oil directly to your hair and scalp. Alternatively, this oil can also be consumed in the form of capsules if you aren’t interested to get this oil by direct application.

Evening Primrose Oil

4. Taking Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C is one such a vital nutrient of the body that is highly responsible for building up a strong immunity system to the body and hence it is highly important to include some of the vitamin C rich foods in your diet regularly.[4] This is because of the fact that a strong immunity system can handle some of the thyroid problems quite well and also it can get to help in the regrowth of your hair effectively. Some of the Vitamin C rich foods include the citrus fruits especially lemon, orange, honey etc. Also it is highly advisable to consume a glass of lemon juice daily with empty stomach to experience some better benefits.

Taking Vitamin C Rich Foods

5. Taking Vitamin E Rich Foods

Vitamin E is yet another vitamin that is highly essential to the body as it is popularly known for its hair growth properties. Vitamin E is actually an anti oxidant that fights with all the free radicals that are responsible for hair loss and then eliminate them from the body.[5] This makes a person to get rid of hair fall and also it has to be remembered that not only it helps in reducing hair loss, but also it aids a lot in the regrowth of hair as well.

Taking Vitamin E Rich Foods

6. Yoga

It is said that yoga can be the best solution to many of the health issues and this include some of the major health concerns as well. The case of hypothyroidism and also hair loss resulted due to the low levels of thyroid hormone can be tackled with the practice of yoga as well.[6] There are various yoga poses that can be highly effective in handling the cases of hypothyroidism which are to be taken a note and have to be followed on a regular basis to experience some quick relief with problems of hair fall.


7. Consuming Omega 3 Fatty Acids Rich Foods

Omega 3 fatty acids are those fats that are highly necessary to the body and they are well knwont o fight the problems of hypothyroidism to the maximum extent and also it is highly beneficial to your hair health as well.[7] Hence it is highly recommended to all the persons suffering from problems of hypothyroidism to include omega 3 fatty acids in your diet regularly by consuming foods such as fish, walnuts etc.

Consuming Omega 3 Fatty Acids Rich Foods

8. Exercise

Apart from Yoga, exercise can also be considered as an effective natural remedy that can handle the problems of hypothyroidism quite well and also reduce the extent of hair fall that actually resulted due to the low levels of thyroid hormone.[8]

9. Sea Kelp

Iodine is one such a nutrient that is highly responsible for the secretion of thyroid hormone and sea kelp has some high content of iodine that can be highly helpful to handle the problems of hair loss quite effective on the whole.[9]

Sea Kelp

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