5 Natural Cures For Psychosis

PsychosisThe term psychosis refers to an abnormal condition that causes an adverse effect on the mind of the affected individual. There is difficulty in differentiating between the real and unreal and thus affects the way the person thinks, feels or senses things. The perception of things changes along with the behavior. The main causes of psychosis are brain tumors, brain-damage, schizophrenia, psychotic disorder, severe clinical depression, bipolar disorder, or exposure to some traumatic event.

Its symptoms include hallucinating feeling like hearing or listening things that are not there in reality, disorganized behavior and having beliefs that have no external evidence. In a nut shell it is a type of hallucination a person suffers from and should be treated quickly as otherwise it may also lead to depression. Here are some quick natural cures for psychosis:

Natural Cures For Psychosis

Green Cardamom

One of the natural measures to prevent or control psychosis is intake of green cardamom. The cardamom seeds have good amount of healing properties with regards to the nervous system in humans.


As the disease is related to the nervous system, the healing can be beneficial. The best way to take green cardamom is mixing the green cardamom powder with the tea and drinking it hot. Sugar should be taken less than normal.

Avoid Alcohol And Drugs

People often involved in alcohol and drug abuse suffer from the state of hallucination wherein they find themselves in another world. As alcohol or drugs directly affect the nervous system of the human body, it can be considered to be the cause of this disease.

A person developing the symptoms of this disease should avoid the intake of alcohol on regular basis which will eventually reduce the chance of developing this disease.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise keeps the body, brain and specially the heart fit and fine. It does not mean that one needs to visit the gym and workout daily. It is more of keeping the body fit by doing some basic exercises on a daily basis.


A person should take out some time from daily life to ensure the brain and heart remains fresh. The heart will pump fresh blood in brain keeping it active and healthy.

Develop An Interest Or Hobby

It is rightly said that an empty mind is a devils workshop. In other words if the brain is not occupied, it will start developing thoughts that may or may not exist in reality which is one of the symptoms of psychosis. Take out some time out from your busy schedule and develop some hobby or interest which will further occupy the emptiness of the human brain.


This is a good treatment for psychosis. Consume fish which are rich in Omega3, which include mackerel, tuna, salmon and sardines. If consumed regularly, on a daily basis for atleast 3 months, this will help in stabilizing the mind and also improve the mental condition.


If you do not like to consume fish directly, you can take in supplements in the form of fish oil capsules which are rich in Omega 3.

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