Yoga For Pregnant Women

Yoga helps keep your mind and body in focus. It is a combination of exercise as well as breathing and relaxation techniques. It is good for pregnant women and helps them stay fit. It will strengthen your body, and will make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

When yoga is practiced every day, it helps to improve your mental and physical conditions and enhances your emotional well being as well. It can improve your muscle tone, blood circulation and muscle flexibility. Yoga can help you deal with the beautiful journey of pregnancy in a smooth way making it enjoyable.

Few Recommended Yoga Postures For Pregnant Women

Utkatasana Or Chair Pose

Stand straight keeping your feet apart (12 inches). Place your feet parallel to one another. Breathe in for two seconds and then raise your heels up and also raise your arms to shoulder level with palms facing inwards at the same time.


Breathe out slowly. Sit down in a squat position on your toes. This strengthens your thighs and pelvic muscle. If you are not comfortable on your toes, then stand normally.

Konasana Or Angle posture

You can use the support of the wall to do this posture. Stand straight keeping your feet apart (24 inches). Raise your right hand straight up and keep your elbows straight.


Stretch nicely upwards and while breathing in, bend sideward to your left. Breathe out and return slowly to your original position. Repeat this on either side. This increases the flexibility of your waist and reduces building up of fat in the waist areas.

Thoracic Breathing

Sit erect on a chair. Keep your feet flat, so that a straight line is formed from head to hip. Keep your hands on the upper ribs and breathe in, expanding your ribs front and back.

Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth relaxing your ribs. Repeat doing this for a minute.  This will strengthen your abdomen, upper back and shoulders.

Paryankasana Or Ham’s Pose With One Leg

Lie down keeping your back straight. Keep your legs straight and knees together. Fold your right leg at the knee to your posterior side and breathe normally.


Stay in this pose as long as you can and do the same with your other leg. Keep your legs straight. This strengthens your abdomen, pelvic and thigh muscles.

Bhadrasana Or Butterfly Pose

Sit down on a mat. Stretch your heels towards pubic bone and the soles should touch each other. The closer the feet are the wider will the groin stretch. Make sure that you are comfortable.  Breathe in and out in this posture.


This posture supports the pelvic floor. It strengthens your thighs and pelvic region. This is best for last stages of pregnancy because it opens up the hips and helps you prepare for birthing.

Pranayama Or Breathing Exercise

Sit comfortably and make sure that you breathe in and out through your nose and your mouth should be tightly closed. You should take deep breath. The inhalation and exhalation time should be the same.


It is called ocean breathe and is an important breathing techniques in yoga. It is quite helpful during pregnancy. It makes space for the baby in the womb. It reduces stress and relaxes both mind and body.

Other Yoga Postures

Standing yoga postures can help strengthen muscles in legs and can reduce cramps as well. It can improve blood circulation and increase your energy. Breathing exercises like Ujjayi pranayama, bhramri, and nadi shodhan can help you relax and gain energy.

These exercises will help you to deal with the emotional changes and mood swings during pregnancy. Meditation and yoga can keep you happy, which is very important during this period.

Do not perform postures that put pressure on abdomen. It is not advisable to practice yoga from the tenth week to fourteenth week of pregnancy.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.