10 Effective Yoga Asanas To Improve Mental Health

Yoga Asanas To Improve Mental Health

In this fast world, stress and tension have become a daily part of our lives. No matter what we do or where we go, we are stressed and tensed. In such a condition, yoga can change your life in a surprising way. You can forget all your worries through some simple techniques of yoga. Given below are ten yoga poses for relaxation and avoiding stress. These poses will keep you calm and composed.

Some Of The Effective Yoga Asanas To Improve Mental Health Are:

Easy Pose

As the name suggests, this is an easy pose. It helps in relaxing and becoming calm. Sitting in a nature in a criss cross position and a firm back with your palms kept on your knees. It generally takes a lot of practice in combining the breathing practice with the easy pose for the best outcome. Exercises like breath retention, nasal breathing are the most prominent ones.

Easy Pose

Corpse Pose

The Corpse Pose, also known as the savasana is another pose that although doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything, but it changes you for good. It relaxes you like another pose can. Just inhale a lot of air and keep yourself calm by lying on your back. Keep your limbs idle and after closing your eyes, be firm. Stay in that position for sometime till you feel all the joint aches, irritability vanishes into thin air.

Corpse Pose

Child’s Pose

A Child’s pose feels rejuvenating but it is ideal for recovering after any tiring activity. It is performed by sitting, kneeling on the knees with a firm straight. Then, relax your abdomen on your thigh and the forehead on the floor. Extend your arms out in front of for a vast stretch in the spinal cord.

child pose

Mountain Pose

It blesses you with a Better posture, perfection in balance, an astonishing improvement in concentration and this pose gives you a healthy mind and body. Mountain pose is similar to the easy pose. You Just need to stand up erect, with your shoulders down and back and sight ahead. Clasp your hands in prayer position, and take a deep breathe. It relaxes your mind in a standing position.

Mountain Pose

Tree Stand Balancing

In this yoga pose you need to stand like a straight tree and this is helpful in balancing your body and focusing your mind into concentration. To perform a tree stand, commence making a mountain pose, then by lifting your right leg and grabbing the knee firmly. Once you feel comfortable in this position, complete the above posture by raising both the arms above your head.

Tree Stand Pose

Downward Dog

A Downward dog pose involves stretching and strengthening the legs and spine while applying strength to the two arms. Commence on from hand and knee, then arch your toes, straightening your legs. If your feet don’t touch the floor, it’s not something to worry about, you will get there soon.

Downward Facing Dog

Warrior II

This pose begins by Stretching and strengthening the legs while improving your concentration multiple folds and eradicating stress! The only thing that is to be done is that from the mountain position, you need to jump while keeping your feet apart, so there should be 3 feet of space between them.

Warrior Pose

Triangle Pose

This yoga pose constitutes a perfect blend of mind and body calmness. It stretches and strengthens the body with stability in work for a total mind-body experience. Start by separation of your feet. As a result your feet will remain about three feet apart, then turn your right foot outside and left foot inside. Raise your fore limbs and gaze up to the ceiling. Stay in the same position for about 10 seconds.

Triangle Pose

Standing Forward Bend

This standing Forward bending is an astounding stretch for your leg, neck, and spine. Commence in mountain pose, and then raise your hands over your head. Gaze upwards, then dive in front, finally bringing your upper torso in the resting stance with a flat back. Repeat this exercise once on a while for reaping the best benefits out of it. You can totally eradicate all the negativity in your mind by beginning this pose with meditation.

Standing Forward Bend

Cat And Cow Pose

Both these two poses yield the best results when done together. They relax you, de-stresses you and is a great pose for mind body. Start by positioning on hands and kneeling knees, with your palm under your shoulders and knees under your hip. After this slowly, inhale and curl your back in the downwards direction, by tilting your head backwards. Then, exhale. It will calm you down.

Cat-Cow Pose

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