Top Five Weight Exercises For Women

Exercises For WomenExercise is an essential part of our healthy lifestyle. Exercises not only help lose weight, but also help tone your body. A good health is a combination of healthy eating and regular exercising. Weight exercises for women are the best choice to improve blood circulation, bone and ligament strength.

Exercise is a more convenient way to keep your health fit and fine. Women can easily perform weight exercises at home or in gyms, fitness centres etc. There are numerous weight exercises available for women. Here, we will discuss about the top exercises that will work the best and burn calories to a huge extent.

Various Weight Exercises For Women


Squat exercise is a great choice for women and is a wonderful workout for the legs. Toned legs will give pretty looks and a confident walk. Squats will burn fat in the thighs, glutes and the hamstring areas. It is an effective compound exercise for women to shape their buttocks and thighs.


It is easy to perform as the movement is natural and therefore, your muscles get worked out just completely.  One can try regular squats, full squats, jump squats, inner squats etc. as per convenience.

Biceps Curl

It is another wonderful weight exercise for women. With good bicep curl exercise you can work on the entire body. It is the most effective way to tone hips, legs and buttocks. It makes you sweat and accelerate your heart rate. For this exercise, you just need to stand with your feet hip width apart.

Biceps curl

Next, you need to hold a dumbbell in both hands resting at your sides with your palms facing inward and outward directions. Slowly release the dumbbells down and do two to three sets of 12-10-8 repetitions.

Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder shrugs are the best way to tone arms and shoulders. Begin with a dumbbell in both hands. Keep your hand straight and lower the right shoulder while raising the other as high as you can. Make sure that you do not bend them from the elbows. Do shoulder shrug fifteen times in a single set.

Shoulder Shrugs

Try to perform 2-3 sets for beautiful arms. It is an easy yet useful weight exercise for women. Shoulder shrugs exercise not only tones and strengthens your muscles but also improves your body postures and appearance.

Total or Complete Body Press

Total or complete press, as the term clearly suggests, it is a weight exercise for women that works on complete body muscles. It is an effective exercise to tone your arms, back and shoulders. It is also a good choice to curve your waist.

Start with a dumbbell in each hand and spread both legs wide apart.  Next, bend your hips down and lower your arms down one by one. Make sure to try to touch the toe of your left foot with your right hand and vice versa. Hold this position for at least three seconds.

Upright Row

This exercise generally targets muscles of your shoulders, arms and back. It is one of the easiest exercises for women. Hold dumbbells with both of your hands and stand up straight. Keep your feet spread at your shoulder’s width.

Upright Row

Raise your hands in an upward direction by bending your elbows and pulling the barbell towards the chin. Try to repeat the same step for five to ten minutes. Upright row exercise is the first choice of thousands of women all over the world.

Weight exercises are easy to perform and the best way to stay fit and fine. All these above-mentioned weight exercises are quite effective and surely assist to tone your body. It is extremely good and recommended to add exercise to your daily routine.

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