Top 7 Healing Powers Of Cherimoya Fruit

Cherimoyas or Annona cherimola are fruits native to Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. It is super delicious fruit, so good that Mark Twain once called it  “the most delicious fruit known to men”. They are pulpy fruits with crumbly skin and pulp with lots of seeds. It is also called as ice cream fruit because of its ice-cream like consistency and is quite popularly used in ice creams and yogurts. This amazingly delicious fruit is not only tasty but also packed with lots of goodness for health. Lets see the health benefits that cherimoyas can provide.[1]

Below Are The Top 7 Healing Powers Of Cherimoya Fruit:

1. As Laxative

Cherimoyas have been used for their laxative properties. Laxatives or purgative induce bowel movements and help loosen the stool.[2] They are generally used when person is suffering from constipation. In rural Mexico, cherimoyas seeds are crushed, toasted and grounded and used as laxative. (2)

As Laxative

2. Treats Hair Lice

Lice can be bothersome. However, cherimoya can be of help here. Cherimoya fruit powder has been traditionally used  to kill lice. Its powder should be mixed with water and allowed to sit on scalp for 1 hour before shampooing to get rid of lice.(3)

Treats Hair Lice

3. Anti Parasitic

Seeds of Annona cherimola or cherimoya have been found to have significant anti-parasitic activity. They were found to be effective against Entamoeba histolytica, Nocardia brasiliensis, and Artemia salina. (4)

Anti Parasitic

4. Anti-Oxidant

Cherimoyas are from Annona species. Fruits of this genus have great anti-oxidant properties and are rich source of Vitamin C and Polyphenolic compounds that are beneficial in diseases linked with oxidative stress such a cancer, ageing, artherosclerosis and neurogenerative disease. Fruits rich in Vitamin C are good for immunity as well.(5)


5. Nutrient Rich

Cherimoyas are quite high on minerals. They are good source of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorous, some of B vitamins, beta carotene and fibres. Include them in your diet as good choice for good health.(6)

Nutrient Rich

6. Anti-Depressant

Traditionally, cherimoya has been used for their anti-anxiety and tranquilizing properties. Studies have shown that alkaloid extracted from cherimoya modulate dopaminergic transmission linked with anti-depressant effect. A study showed that alkaloid extract from aerial parts of cherimoya can be a potent therapeutic agent as anti-depressant. (7)


Include cherimoyas in your diet for its deliciousness combined with amazing health benefits.

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