Top 6 Diet Tips To Beat Winter Blues

It is a well-known fact that a change in seasons affects our mood, health and behavior. While most people are active in the summer season, many of us feel problems and depression in winters. It affects our personal and professional life in a bad way. This problem is known as winter blues. In medical terms, the condition is called seasonal affective disorder. Lack of enough sunlight and cold weather makes a person lose energy and productivity leading to several types of problems. People undergo suffering due to poor physical and mental health. Diet can help in fighting problems caused by winter blues. We will suggest some tips for this.

Following Are The Top 6 Food Tips To Beat Winter Blues:

1. Limit The Intake Of Refined Foods

Refined foods like bread made from white flour are not good to eat in winters. Avoiding such foods will help in fighting winter depression. Don’t eat starchy foods like white rice and potatoes. It is best not to take white flour and starchy foods.[1]

Limit The Intake Of Refined Foods

2. Eat Chocolate

The winter season spoils the mood making you feel depressed. For this, you can eat chocolate. Chocolate helps in improving the mood.[2] It decreases stress and depression, which are common problems in winters. So enjoy chocolate in the cold weather.

Eat Chocolate

3. Eat Foods With Folate

Eating foods that contain folate may help in fighting depression, which is very useful in the winters. Depressed people are often found to have folate deficiency.[3] Foods that contain folate are lentils, spinach, beetroot, and chickpeas. Include these foods in your diet.

Eat Foods With Folate

4. Eat Foods With Carbohydrate

The bad mood in winter season can be improved by eating sugary foods that contain carbohydrate. These foods help in raising blood sugar levels.[4] It will enhance the mood and beat away the winter blues quite well. Thus, you can eat cake, candy, ice cream or other carbohydrate foods.

Eat Foods With Carbohydrate

5. Limit The Intake Of Caffeine Drinks

Excess intake of caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee is not good for winter depression. Coffee contains caffeine, which can increase stress hormones in our body worsening the problem of winter depression. Thus, avoid taking too much of caffeine drinks in winters.

Limit The Intake Of Caffeine Drinks

6. Eat Fatty Fishes

Fatty fishes like salmon and tuna make you feel happy beating away the winter blue. The fish contains high amounts of omega 3 fats, a nutrient that can reduce feelings of depression.[5] Thus, include fatty fish in your diet in the winters.

Fatty Fishes

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