Top 11 Diet And Lifestyle Changes To Be Done To Avoid Constipation

Diet And Lifestyle Changes

Lack of regular and consistent bowel movement leads to constipation or Irregular Bowel Movement and this very ailment is caused due to lack of water in stool or insufficient intestinal muscle contractions. Of course, this will result in irritation, uncomforting, bloating and little pain in most of the cases. You can get rid of constipation cases if you change the traditional and common lifestyle and diet habits that are described below.

Here Are Top 11 Diet And Lifestyle Changes To Be Done To Avoid Constipation:

Inclusion Of Fiber In Meal

Today, fibrous fruits and vegetables are absent in the plate which can remove constipation. Fiber plays an important role in the bowel movement which must not be overlooked at any cost. So, you should always try to include different types of fibrous stuffs in your diet such as berries, papayas, broccoli, green peas, oat meal, cabbage, almonds, flax seeds and many other things which come in this category.

Inclusion Of Fiber In Meal

Take Plenty Of Water

Constipation is also caused due to lack of water in human body and mainly in stool thus; you should regularly hydrate your body. Plain water should be taken in plenty which must amount to 1.5-2 liters on daily basis.

Drink Water

Say No To Constipation-Causing Food Stuffs

It should be noted here that constipation occurs in human body due to increased consumption of refined sugar, fats and other dairy nutrients as compared to fresh vegetables & fruits containing fiber. You should simply avoid eating those food stuffs which cause constipation such as dairy products, cookies, chips, red meat, raw bananas and fried foods.

Say No To Constipation-Causing Food Stuffs

Take Prunes

People should always try to add prune or freshly prepared prune juice to diet so that constipation is naturally relieved. Since prunes contain higher proportion of sorbitol, it will definitely help you in minimizing the stool-releasing time and transit duration. It is a stool loosening sugar and of course, it will keep you safe from the constipation risk.

Take Prunes

Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol Consumption

Caffeine should be avoid because excess consumption will simply exacerbate the issue and dehydrate your body more rapidly. You should also say no to consumption of alcohol which does not allow the bowel to move easily apart from dehydrating those intestinal tracts.

Avoid Alcohol

Choose Whole-Grain Stuffs

It would be better to prefer cereals, oatmeal and whole-grain food stuffs in the diet for easy and normal bowel movements.

Eat Whole Grains

Exercise Daily

Before you get ready to relieve the bowel, you should always do light exercise or activities which can stimulate the tract. Simply walk for 10 minutes and get rid of constipation.

Daily Exercise Helps

Fix Time And Never Heed Natural Call

It is better to schedule the timing for daily bowel movement and you should never heed the call of a bout.

Controlled Uses Of Laxatives

Of course, laxatives have been used to treat and manage constipation in human beings but you should never consider them as permanent solution. You must not take them unless doctor prescribes or if it does not work to relieve constipation.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress is an obvious cause to constipation which must not be neglected in any case. You should better keep it off or share it with closed friend or family member to reduce the anxiety. Just get relaxed and treat the issue of constipation.

manage your stress level

Meet Your Doctor

If all the above steps fail to treat constipation, never hesitate to consult your pharmacist or doctor. This will be always a better option to get under supervised medication in order to get rid of irregular bowel movement.

Meet Your Doctor

In nutshell, constipation can be easily relieved if you implement some changes to your lifestyle and diet which can be done on immediate basis. These are long term solutions to constipation risk which will never want you to pay visits to doctor!

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.