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Morpheme Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) 500mg Extract – 60 Veg Caps


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Product Specifics:

Qty: 60  Capsules
Suggested usage: 1 Capsule twice daily after meals or as directed by the physician

The human body possesses a natural capability to fight against the external disease causing agents. This system of human body is called as Immune System. As long as the Immune system is strong, the external agents can’t harm the human body. Once an external agent becomes strong and the immune system starts function poorly, there comes a disease. As a part of the modern life style, human being is consuming the foods that can’t support immune system but deploys it. Hence, most of the people today are easily falling sick.


The strong immune system acts like a strong army of a nation. So, it is very crucial to build a strong immune system. One may need the assistance of the product like Guduchi for this purpose. The Guduchi is the natural extract from the plant Guduchi. The maximum efforts were placed to transform all the benefits of the herb to the capsules. The Guduchi is extracted from the plants that are grown in fresh and clean environment. Being the direct consumption of natural Guduchi a difficult task, they are turned into the Guduchi capsules. All the efforts were placed to make sure that the benefits derived from natural consumption are equal to that of the consumption of these capsules.

The Guduchi may have the capability of fighting against the infections and other external germs etc. It may strengthen the human immune system naturally. It may have the properties of anti inflammatory nature, anti fungal nature and anti bacterial nature. Thus it helps in fighting diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and inflammatory agents. Additionally the Guduchi may also help in protecting the human body from certain types of fevers. It may also keep the users away from the diabetes, the most prevalent disease in today’s society.

Benefits of Ingredients

The Guduchi is extracted from the natural extracts of Guduchi plants. These plants are grown in an unpolluted atmosphere. It is made from the parts of Guduchi plant in a natural way. The collection process is also hygienic. To the extent possible, the Guduchi would be extracted in its purest form.

The following are the benefits of Guduchi:

The Guduchi is highly recommended for the people who are suffering from various illnesses. The natural immune system will be empowered with the use of this Guduchi and hence the illness will be gotten rid of quickly. So, this is the best alternative for such people.

Guduchi is considered effective in reducing fevers caused by weakened immunity. By strengthening the immune system, it helps in reducing your change of getting fever. The antibodies in the body fight against the germs that cause those fevers.

Guduchi is considered effective in improving disorders associated with the urinary tract, including stones or infections in the urinary bladders.

The Guduchi has the anti inflammatory character. So, it can fight effectively against the disorders caused due to the inflammation. The major would be the inflammatory arthritis, a disorder in the joints. It is a chronic disorder faced by individuals and is truly tough to remove completely. In such events, the people can use this herb to gain a greater relief from the disease.

The Guduchi is also anti rheumatic.So, the people suffering from rheumatoid Arthritis, a severe joint problem, can use Guduchi. Hence, they may benefit by taking Guduchi capsules. Because when the root problem is cleared, the external relief will be obtained automatically.

The Guduchi also fights against the Diabetes. Diabetes was once a problem of rich, but now it’s a problem of most. The modern life style, irregular food timings etc have greatly contributed to this problem. There was no perfect cure for the problem in modern medicine. With regular use, Guduchi helps in keeping it under control.

Guduchi also has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. Hence, regular intake of Guduchi capsules helps in reducing the risks of infections and allergies.

Prolonged use of this herbal product helps to improve the immune system and enhance the body’s resistance to illnesses. So, there would be no exaggeration in saying that Guduchi is beneficial for people suffering from chronic diseases like AIDS, where resistance is weakened.


How to use the product?

The Guduchi comes in the form of capsules. The individual may consume one or two capsules of Guduchi twice a day with milk. This may be required to be used continuously  over a long period of time.

I am not having any disorder. Can I still use the Guduchi?

Yes, you may still use the drug even though you do not have any diseases. This was felt that this drug may help in the development of your self- defense system and may even safeguard you from any future possible threats. However, people with existing diseases and those who are undertaking the treatment are advised to use the product, so that they may gain the best results.

When can I feel the results of the product?

In general, to identify the effects of the drug it is suggested to wait for a period of four to six weeks continuously. So, regular usage may be likely to fetch the best results. The long term and regular usage may be capable of empowering the self-defense mechanism of the human body and may make the individual to stay free from all the possible ailments.

What are the side effects of the products?

In various scientific examinations of the product, no side effects were identified. So it is greatly recommended that the customer may use the product as it does not leave any worse effects.

What is the core focus of the product?

It is felt that the product may be helpful in strengthening the self defense mechanism of the human body. So, its focus may be on the immune system first and may also result in other useful benefits apart from it.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    For my weak immune system, Guduchi was a very effective product. When I first bought this product I was a little unsure whether it will work. However, after taking it for a few weeks I started to feel the difference. I am also satisfied with the service of the company. The product is always delivered within a few days.

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Serving size: 1 Vegi caps

Servings per container: 60

Each 500 mg capsule contains: Guduchi Extract

Each Bottle Contains:60 Vegi Caps

Suggested Usage: 1 Capsule twice daily after meals.

Serving Size: 1 Veg Capsule
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Guduchi (500 mg.) (Tinospora cordifolia) (Stem) Extract 500mg. **
** Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Capsule(Vegetarian cellulose), 100% Vegetarian. No Fillers, binders or common Allergens.


The product Guduchi may be capable of dealing with the most significant system of a body i.e., the immune system. Hence proper research is to be done on the products that affect the immune system. So, the Guduchi was examined under various conditions and in different labs. The studies have confirmed the anti bacterial property of the Guduchi plant. They have also confirmed that it may help in effectively obstructing the entry of micro organisms like the bacteria. Similarly, the anti fungal, anti inflammatory properties may also be present in the plant.

Further it was observed that most of the patients who are recovering from serious ailments may find it useful in getting a speedy recovery. People on chemotherapy may benefit by taking Guduchi capsules. It may help in strengthening their immune system. In order to examine its  effects on immunity, a scientific research was performed on thirty people for a period of six months. Most of them felt that they are feeling as if they are reenergized and are feeling better now.

The immunity power may also found  to be increased in such people. Likewise, various examinations were performed and all those have revealed the importance of the Guduchi that it may be useful in the improvement of the immunity system. Two different groups of people were tested. One group of participants was given Guduchi capsules and participants in the other group took a placebo pill. At the end of the study period, people who took Guduchi developed higher resistance to illnesses than the placebo group. So, its effects were clearly visible after the scientific examination that it may improve the self defense mechanism of the human body.