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susan asked 2 years ago

I go to bed every  night at 11 pm and get up between 7-8 am. I sleep well and I sleep on my back, I am 55 years old well rested and healthy yet I always look tired with  puffy dark circles under my eyes and I have wrinkles around my eyes that greatly age me. I tried preparation H to tighten things up but it didn\’t work. I can\’t afford expensive creams. Plus, I wouldn\’t trust them anyway. I am one to wear make up either. The last thing is that I do not lead a stressful life any more. I am content, thankful and happy. I exercise daily – I love walking. What could I be doing wrong? Or what can I do to tighten up the skin around my eyes?  I do sleep in a very cold room with a fan pointed directly on my face. (I am comfortable under a mound of blankets) this is what I do to regulate my body temperature while I sleep because I am going through menopause.  I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thank You. Sincerely, Susan.

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