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my name is james henlen, for about two years ihas be living with herpes i has gone to my doctorseverally, last two months she tried 2 differenttypes of treatments, the liquid nitrogen treatmentand also condyline. The liquid nitrogen made thewarts worse they started out as about 5 just onthe ridge of my vaginal opening after the liquidnitrogen was applied all of the warts formedtogether and swelled making the embarrassmentand pain 2 times worse. Next i tried the really hurt i was under theimpression that the pain meant the treatment wasworking but after about a month i just gave upbecause the discomfort was unbearable. Aboutthree weeks ago i decided to take things into myown hands and look for treatments online.. and ifound about natural herbs that can eliminateherpes forever and i tried the procedure i finallygot cured with natural remedy from DRHERBAL REMEDY his cure is some thing else youcan reach him with his email [email protected] you can also callhim or add him on what-app +2349031111198)DOCTOR ORAL CAN AS WELL CURE THEFOLLOWING DISEASE:- 1. HERPES 2. CANCER OFALL KINDS 3. ALS 4. Hepatitis A,B,C 5. Diabetes6. CHRONIC DISEASE 7. Coronary Artery Disease(Ischemic Heart Disease) 8. Alopecia 9.Bipolardisorder 10.Bedwetting 11.Carpal tunnelsyndrome 13.Celiac disease 14.Ear Infections15.Endometriosis 16.Epilepsy 17.Chlamydia18.Syphilis 19.Gonorrhea

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