Protein Diet To Lose Weight

Diet To Lose WeightProtein is a very important part of your diet. It is required at all stages of a man’s life from growth to repair and regeneration of skin cells, muscles and other important parts of your body. Protein is required for development and to build the body’s natural resistance. Studies indicate that diets with a high protein intake and lower carbohydrates and fat content help individuals manage their weight and build fitness and stamina.

High-protein diets help you fight flab and build those abs and is the ideal diet to lose weight fast. A diet with a protein content of over 50% is a high-protein diet. While foods like nuts, whole grains and vegetables are good for you, they do not contain all nine amino acids to build lean muscle and fight flab. Listed below is a high protein diet for vegans and non-vegetarians to help with weight management and work towards a healthy, fit body!

Various Protein Diet To Lose Weight

High Protein Food Sources

Some of the protein rich foods you can consume while watching your weight are lean meat and poultry, light ham, egg white, tenderloin, turkey, chicken, seafood like fish, oyster, prawn, crab, lobster and shark.

High Protein Food

Vegans and vegetarians have the option of eating tofu, chickpeas, legumes like kidney beans, tofu and cottage cheese which contain the equivalent of meat protein.

Consume Dairy Foods

Dairy foods, however, are not recommended for those consuming protein to lose weight as they have naturally high quantities of sugar and fat that nullifies the effect of protein gleaned from these foods.

Dairy products

Only ricotta cheese and cottage cheese are recommended dairy foods for increased protein intake.

Choose Lean Proteins

Avoid saturated fat and calories by choosing a protein rich diet with wholesome meals like poultry breasts, fish, lean meat cuts like tenderloin, sirloin, egg whites, pork loin, wild game and extra lean ground beef.

This will help you avoid unhealthy foods and promote quicker repair and growth of your body while keeping you fit and healthy thus helping you lose weight quickly.

Legumes For Building Muscle And Reducing Calories

Legumes are protein rich and are the best alternatives to carbohydrates and fats as these foods are protein rich and allow you to build strengthen your body and muscles while avoiding excess calories that hampers growth and slows down your metabolism.


Kidney beans, black beans, chickpeas, soybeans and other legumes have no saturated fat content and are an excellent good source of fiber, minerals and vitamins in addition to being storehouses of protein. A one-third measure of a cup of beans has roughly the equivalent of chicken, meat or fish.

Limit Red Meat And Opt For Lean Meat Instead

If you are a non-vegetarian and enjoy red meat like beef, veal, lamb and pork try to reduce your intake to less than eighteen ounces a week. Try to consume more lean meat rather than red meat as the former is packed with proteins, is healthier for your body and helps you with losing weight.

Avoid Red meat

Processed meat like bacon and sausage or deli meats must-be avoided as far as possible since it is known to cause colon cancer. Incorporate these foods into your daily serving to help you battle weight issues and build solid muscle!

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