Natural Cures For Itchy Ears

Itchy EarsItchy ear occurs due to the various reason such as rash, ear wax , allergy .Itchy ears is quite common and does not require medical attention in most of the cases .The tissue in the ears are sensitive and scratching may increase the itching.

Itchy ear condition is more likely to affect regular swimmers as they are more exposed to germs or fungus that can spread infection, however the risk is increased if the skin inside the ear is damaged. Hot and humid climate can also be responsible for itchy ears.

Sometimes usage of shampoos and shower gel may also cause itchiness if they make their way into the ears. Excessive wax may also result in irritating the skin and cause itchiness .In some cases the ear cures the itchiness by itself but if the itchiness continues, it causes lot of discomfort and irritation. There are many natural cures which can be of great help and bring relief to the person suffering.

Various Ways To Cure Itchy Ears

Usage Of Oil Drops

Oils such as olive oil or mustard oil can also help in getting rid of itchiness and discomfort. Oil helps to soften the wax which has accumulated in the ear.

Oil drops

We can warm up any of the oil but make sure that it is not very hot as it may burn the sensitive tissues, now put few drops of oil in the ear, the oil will soften the wax and then you may clean it with cotton swab.

Benefits Of Garlic And Lemon

A solution of garlic and lemon can be very helpful in reducing pain and discomfort. We can make a solution by boiling some pieces of garlic in water, now strain the mixture add some lemon juice to it and little olive oil to it .

Garlic and lemon

Mix all the ingredients well and store it in the glass bottle. Cut a piece of gauze and soak it in this solution now put the gauze in the ear in such a manner that it can be taken out easily, keep this gauze overnight. This practice will benefit the person suffering from itchy ear.

Importance Of White Vinegar

In case of itchy ear due to any bug in the ear, white vinegar is of great help. Sometimes while we are sleeping bug enter into our ear and if this bug gets trapped in the ear, it causes lots of pain and discomfort.

white vinegar

Diluted white vinegar with water and put this solution in the ear, we can even squired warm water in the ear with a bulb syringe to drain out the bug.

Effectiveness Of Peroxide Rinse

Pain due to excess ear wax can be treaded with peroxide rinse. We can a small amount of peroxide in the ear and tilt the head to the side; it will help to remove excess ear wax. But one should remember to use hair dyer after this treatment to get rid of excess peroxide in the ear .

Use the hair dyer for thirty to sixty seconds as there should not be any peroxide left in the ear, otherwise this solution may lead to breeding bacteria, to collect the running peroxide a cotton swab can be used.

Solution Of Alcohol And Water

A person suffering from itchy ear can be immensely benefited with the alcohol and water solution .A solution of water and rubbing alcohol can made with mixing them together .

solution to the ear

Now apply this solution to the ear with the help of bulb syringe, this will help to flush out any bug which is causing itchiness .The syringe can be used to remove liquid from the ear. One should lie down on his side after this treatment to allow any excess fluid to drain out.

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy is a very effective means to cure itchy ears. It is safe and does not have any side effect. It uses natural products and minerals products to cure and prevent itchiness in ears.


Itchy ears causes’ lot of irritation and discomfort to the person suffering however there are homeopathic medicine which can bring relief and comfort. Some of the medicines are phel, bor, agar, sabad etc which can be of great help.

Dietary Supplements

Health diet can help to cure and prevent itchy ears. If a person suffers from itchy ears he should avoid milk and milk products. Increase the intake of vitamin C in your diet such as oranges and other citrus fruits. Refrain yourself from spicy food .Eat more of fresh green vegetables as they have soothing effect on the ear infection and itchiness.

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