7 Natural Cure To Motion Sickness

 Motion Sickness

Many of us suffer from motion sickness and that includes me too! I tend to puke every time I make a long journey in a car and this makes the whole journey a really bad experience.

The worst part is that when I reach my destination, I am all tired and shaken and I am sure many of you have the same problem after travelling in cars, buses, planes and ships.I have tried to cure my motion sickness naturally and though it is not completely gone, I can actually cope with it much better.

7 Tips To Cure Motion Sickness Naturally

The Right Seat

If you have a tendency of getting sick while the vehicle is in motion always  pick a good seat where motion is least felt.For example, if you’re travelling in a car sit in the front, in case of a plane ask for a seat over the wing and in a ship ask for a cabin that is located near the middle of the ship.This way your body will not feel all the motion and you’ll have a lesser tendency of getting sick.If you’re in car, try to get a window seat.

Right Seat

Face Forward

This is really important.I have noticed that I tend to get more sick when I travel in a car and face in a opposite direction to that of the motion.It is important that your face is towards the direction in which the vehicle is moving.


According to this traditional healing art you can treat motion sickness by pressing on the pressure point called P6.This point is located in the forearm of either hand,  about 2 finger widths above the wrist crease.Apply pressure on the point with the index finger of the other hand.


Herbs To Control The Symptoms

You can alleviate the symptoms of the problems by using some herbs.Peppermint is an excellent remedy to get rid of nausea and light headedness.You can apply some peppermint oil on the wrists just before the journey and sniff it at regular intervals to keep your sickness at bay.


Fennel is another herb that can be used to treat the problem.You may take it in  a capsular form.You can also try using herbs like chamomile, licorice, catnip, Valerian, black horehound and raspberry to help keep motion sickness away.

Behavior To Avoid The Problem

Psychologists say that a lot of problems may arise due to behavior.If you’re embarking on a journey and you have a sickness problem, do not go on thinking about it at all! Thinking too much can actually initiate the problem.It is better to look away into the horizon or on some beautiful scenery to keep your mind occupies.

Talking with passengers

Talking with fellow passengers also helps. However, never read a book or gaze at one object, because such things is known to stimulate motion sickness.If someone else gets sick, never look at him/her since you too may start feeling the same.

Foods To Eat

Foods can actually help you tackle the problem, so the next time you’re on a vehicle keep some foods handy.Crackers can control your vomiting tendency.If you think you’re going to be sick eat some crackers.Other foods that may help you ward off the problem are olives, candied ginger, chocolate, lemon etc.Sipping on some tea also helps.


What Foods To Avoid

Fatty foods and alcohol is to be avoided completely.Do not eat too much just before the journey, always eat light snacks.

Avoid Alcohol

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